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A quick recollection of the hats and a hat maker



(DECEMBER 29, 2020)--Whether you recognize it as a symbol of societal identity, a fashion gimmick, or an extension of individuality, your perception of the hat underlines its importance in your lifestyle and how you prefer to incorporate it. The availability of distinct styles is more than proof of why you get American hats in so many unique designs and shapes. Earlier, these may have been a tool to protect oneself from natural elements, but as time progressed, they gained mainstream status and character, transcending the fundamental practical implication. From being a haughty choice to heralding a sense of equality, it performed its part as everyone expected it to do.

A look back into Fedora and Top Hat

Even the popular hat styles, such as Fedora and Top Hat, have an interesting background story to tell. Fedora can be felt material with wide brims, pitched and indented crowns, and a ribbon. These are most commonly available in black, dark brown, gray, and tan colors. Fedoras made their first appearance in 1882 when one of the famous French plays, Fédora, showcased its female protagonist donning this style. However, the design didn’t just adorn the women. Men also adopted it in their fashion quickly, especially after Prince Edward of Britain flaunted one.

Likewise, top hats also have an exciting bit about their origin. When they first appeared, they didn't get much acceptance and caused a social stir for looking quite different from other headdresses. However, the mid 19th century became a turning point for this design. Upper-class men started including it in their formal attire. Again another wave happened when everyone started opting for a comfortable fashion. It somewhere lost itself until the 20th century, which once again witnessed its rise, albeit as an informal variety.

There are so many things about hats and their styles that you can easily spend hours discovering their whereabouts in detail. And at American Hat Makers, you get an opportunity to live these iconic choices. Our handmade leather hats use the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. It has been our specialty and continues to be so.

A brief background of the hat-making company

Gary Watrous gets the credit for founding the American Hat Makers. He started his entrepreneurial journey by selling handcrafted leather wallets and belts from his station wagon. Being a visionary and a skilled craftsman himself, he ventured into leather hat-making about 50 years back in the USA. Soon his products became famous worldwide, and the legacy of the art passed down to his son Garth. Other family members also got involved in the business along the process. Today, Gary's wife Merry-Lee and Garth’s wife Hannah are also a part of it.

American Hat Makers is proud to offer modern designs while preserving the traditions, which anything with a rich history and glorious past deserves to enjoy. The quality of the hats is another hallmark. The caps and hats carved out from the finest materials stand true to their shape, appeal, and long-lastingness. You can try any of them to immerse yourself in the love of these beautiful pieces of dressing.