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Youth Firearm Deer Hunt Sat. Nov. 21

November 17, 2020 Hunting & fishing 2

This Saturday, November 21, is New Jersey's Youth Firearm Deer Hunt Day giving youth hunters an opportunity to harvest a deer of either sex prior to the opening of the regular firearm deer hunting seasons. The hunt requires no special season deer permit, and antler point and "antlerless deer first" requirements do NOT apply. Harvested deer are not included as part of the Six-day Firearm or other season bag limit.


Hunting & fishing 2

Youths possessing a valid Youth Firearm Hunting License may hunt with either a shotgun or muzzleloader (Rifle Permit required) while under the direct supervision of a non-hunting adult 21 years of age or older with a NJ firearm license. Direct supervision is defined as the youth hunter and licensed adult set up together at the same location and hunting as a unit.

The hunt is part of the Division's Take A Kid Hunting program which provides for a quality hunting experience for properly licensed youth hunters, often outside regular hunting seasons. This is the final youth hunt in 2020, but the second of two Youth Waterfowl Hunts will be held on February 6, 2021, and the Youth Turkey Hunt will be April 24, 2021.

For detailed information see page 18 of the 2020-21 Hunting and Trapping Digest and the Take A Kid Hunting Program page.