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      We can all agree that 2020 has been a very tough year for everyone in many ways. Politics and politicians, changing agendas and priorities along with speculation of wrongdoings and corruption among those in high places Letters to the ed 1have everyone wondering about a variety of things. Add to this that much of the "mainstream" media news and even social media can rarely be counted on anymore for a straight unbiased account or answer about anything.
One glaring point that has to be in the minds of many regards the virus called "Covid-19" among other names. While I have no doubt this virus is real and can be extremely deadly to many, questions remain about the actual count of cases. Like our recent election, counting doesn't seem to be the strong suit among people put in charge of it and so the numbers and reports again vary widely. 
      The underlying speculation also does little to quell fears about any of this.
The timing, along with political speculations about certain people, and their associations along with agendas only add to the confusion. A variety of stories floating around the cyber world about "HOW" this virus got let loose, About "WHERE", exactly it came from, and "WHO", knew and did or said nothing.
Thousands of people died, while there seems to be still NO definitive answers. And, no end to of all this. And, doesn't seem odd that very soon after the presidential election a vaccine is NOW READY to be released?
I am not one to give over to conspiracy theories easily, however, I also think the timing of this is uncanny and merits looking into as something "smells foul".  
I hope fellow Americans are paying attention to what is going on in this world, cause "We The People" have been hijacked if you ask me. 
Earl Foster