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Want Less Wedding Planning Stress? Plan Ahead

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(November 30, 2020)--More than 42 percent of Gloucester City’s population of 12,000 are married couples, and they all had at least one stressful experience while planning their wedding. The experience of married Gloucester City residents is a reflection of America’s views on weddings in general, as six out of 10 American couples who got married in 2018 seriously considered eloping instead of going ahead with a traditional wedding. The stress brought about by the planning was compounded by the financial strain on both parties, as the average cost of weddings in the United States is $37,124. Planning ahead can help to reduce the stress associated with the financial burden.
Save Money First
Weddings are not just about calling ahead to reserve the venue of your dreams or looking for the right dress months before. Planning ahead also involves saving money before any of the details are arranged. It is important to set a budget for this special day, as costs can balloon from the average national cost to $40,000 or even more. To get an accurate picture of how much you will be spending, you will need to analyze current costs and minimize those costs if needed. 
You will also have to decide early on what your dream wedding is, and incorporate that with your budget. Key wedding costs include the venue, catering, your rings, decoration, clothing, and the honeymoon. Once the budget is set, couples will need to stick to their savings plan. You can set aside half of your income at least a year before the wedding because this in itself will make things a lot easier for you and your partner once the actual planning begins. Wedding planning, after all, is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, so it pays for you to get rid of one of its biggest sub-stressors - money. Knowing how much money you will need for the wedding will also help you to prepare the budget for the first few months of wedded bliss. 
Plan Ahead
Doing things slowly has always been the best way to go about any important event because it means you will always have a clear mind to decide on even the littlest details. Cramming does the opposite, and should be avoided at all costs. This will also ensure that you will get everything ready months before your special day, leaving you more relaxed and more focused on the road ahead. Paying for the venue a year before the event is a good idea, according to wedding planners because it is one of the most expensive components of the event. Paying for the food in advance is also a sensible move - this way you won’t need to worry about it prior to the wedding.  
Weddings are happy occasions, and their planning should also bring joy. You can achieve this by saving money and by ironing out all the important details months before your wedding day.