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Tips for Getting the Best Night’s Sleep Possible



(November 26, 2020)--Getting an adequate amount of sleep is integral to one’s overall functioning. The body is able to repair itself during this time. Evidently, sleep affects various aspects of your day-to-day life. Therefore, getting enough sleep should be one of your top priorities Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 13.17.17


Everyone has different experiences with sleep. Some people suffer from conditions that make it very difficult to go to sleep. Some people have issues staying asleep. Sleep deprivation can have devastating affects on your daily routine. Therefore, managing these symptoms is extremely important. In this article we are going to review some tips on getting a great night’s sleep.


  1. Put Away all Technology


Technology has become ingrained in all aspects of our lives. It seems as though we spend the majority of our day staring into our screens. Some statistics report that we spend an average of 3-4 hours a day on our phones. Therefore, it can be difficult to put down these addicting devices.


The blue light emitted from our devices actually keeps us awake. Our bodies naturally produce melatonin. This is a hormone that is primarily responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycle. Accordingly, we need it to fall asleep. However, the blue light restrains the production of melatonin. 


This lack of melatonin may prevent you from falling asleep right away. Furthermore, it may make your sleep more restless. Therefore, it is best to keep technology away before bedtime. Many people find it helpful to keep it in another room. Many experts suggest doing this for 2-3 hours before bed. 


2. Get Regular Exercise


It is important to get enough exercise throughout the day. This benefits all other aspects of your life. However, it’s important to not exercise intensely right before bed. This may make your sleep even worse in the long-term. 


Regular exercise has proven to aid people who suffer from sleep disorders. It allows a more restful sleep period. Studies have shown that moderate levels of exercise increases the amount of slow wave sleep you get.


Exercise allows your body to release endorphins. This can keep people up at night. Therefore, it is important to keep at least 2 hours between exercising and sleeping. Most people only need 30 minutes of exercise each day to feel a difference.


3. Eat Healthy Food

Everyone knows the saying “you are what you eat.” Evidently, it’s really important to make sure you are eating healthy food. Our body’s circadian rhythm maintains our body clock. This ensures that everything is running on time.


There are certain foods that have been linked to a lower quality of sleep. This is true for people who don’t eat a lot of fiber. Furthermore, eating more sugar and higher levels of saturated fats may contribute to poor sleep.


It’s important to eat on a proper schedule as well. Different times work for different people. However, drastic shifts to this will affect your sleeping cycle. Your body becomes accustomed to a certain schedule. Deviated from this ultimately affects your sleep. 


4. Consider CBD Supplements


CBD has become increasingly normalized in the western world. Many people have began to use CBD in their everyday life. Scientific research has evidenced CBD to be useful for a variety of ailments. For instance, using CBD can alleviate symptoms related to pain, anxiety, depression, etc.


However, you don’t have to suffer from a medical disorder to benefit from CBD. Many people have started to use CBD if they have difficulties falling or staying asleep. Studies have shown that using CBD oil can be an effective sleep aid.


Scientists know that CBD activates the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system maintains numerous important biological functions. One of these functions is sleep. There is a growing body of research that supports CBD for sleep. However, further studies need to be done in order to fully understand how it can work. 


5. Make Your Sleep Space Comfortable


Ensuring that your sleep space is comfortable is vital in getting a good night’s sleep. This means purchasing a comfortable bed, getting soft pillows, and having a blanket. 


Everyone has different preferences on how they sleep the best. It’s important to understand your personal needs in terms of this. Making your sleeping space your own is another great way to feel restful throughout the night. 


It is helpful to make sure that you only use your bed for sleeping. This helps create an association between your bed and sleep. Your brain starts recognize your bed only for sleeping. Therefore, you don’t get distracted with other things.




Sleep is integral to your overall health. Accordingly, you should make quality sleep a top priority. This can be difficult in today’s busy world. The amount of time we spend using technology is also a huge factor. Therefore, there are many things we can do to help ourselves get the best sleep possible.