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Technical Specifications That Matter In A Trundle-Bed Purchase

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(November 27, 2020)--A trundle bed is a compact bed mattress and frame, which sits low to the ground to be stored right underneath the bed. The frame of the trundle bed comes with wheels so that you can easily roll the bed and use it. The bed is ideal for space-saving and will enable you to comfortably settle your guests when you have limited room available at your home. The majority of the trundle beds are available in twin sizes and support a thin mattress to help it fit easily right underneath a daybed. 

Specifications of a trundle bed

When you have planned to purchase a trundle-bed, then there are several specifications that you must take a look at. Check below!

  1. The dimension of the space: You must know the accurate dimensions of the area where you will place the trundle bed. Take a measuring tape measure both the breadth and the length of that particular space. Also, be sure to leave some extra space for bed movements. 
  2. Frame material: the trundle bed comes in a variety of frames like premium hardwood and engineered hardwood. The premium hardwood is well-suited for good health and comfort. The hardwood is of high-quality and will provide a natural appearance to your room and also magnify its beauty. The engineered hardwood is long-lasting, affordable, and much cheaper than hardwood. This particular material is ideal for humid conditions because of its premium-quality plywood.
  3. The storage unit: Trundle beds come with storage facilities that will help you store all the necessary items and products. It will also give you the chance to save plenty of space by storing all your unused items inside these storage areas. You can store boxes, books, off-season clothes, extra cushions, and numerous other things.
  4. The pull-out trundle: The pull-out trundle is located right under the main bed and stands out as the primary part of the furniture. The pull-out trundle has a high-quality mechanism so that it can slide in and out without any issues. 

 Benefits of a trundle bed

The trundle bed comes with numerous benefits and some of the important ones are provided below. Take a look!

  • Ideal for sleepovers: The trundle beds stand out as a great option when your friends or cousins are coming to your place for a night's stay. Since the beds are foldable, your friends or cousins will have enough space to perform numerous activities during the day and experience good sleep at night. 
  • Great for studio apartments: Studio or compact apartments are designed with practical spaces. The furnishing that is used in these apartments should be unique and compact-looking at the same time. These apartments come with limited spaces, and too much furniture will make the place appear congested. That is why the trundle beds are ideal for these apartments as it will provide multiple functions altogether. 
  • Available in numerous designs: You come across trundle beds in many shapes, styles, and designs. It will come in the form of a normal bed with another bed underneath or in a three-in-one bed that is ideal for kids, which has two levels of beds, and an extra bed underneath.

 The takeaway!

Whether you have a small or big bedroom, trundle beds are still an exceptional choice when it comes to choosing a modular bed with a contemporary design.