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Some useful tips for smart spending during the holiday season

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(November 20, 2020)--Holiday seasons call for gifts and goodies for friends and family. These are specific parts of the year when both retailers and manufacturers have rolled out the red carpet for customers. Moreover, the newspaper and print media gets flooded with sale announcements. However, stay cautious regarding promotional advertisements and attractive discounts to derive the maximum benefit out of it. In most cases, these discounts and offers are beneficial for both the buyer and seller. Nonetheless, keep a few critical things in your mind to grab more benefit out of your cash.

The key ideas for smart spending during the festive season

  • Keep away from rolling over balance: during the festive season, people tend to go beyond their spending quantum. You may end up with a hefty bill to pay. In these situations, even credit card issuers may not help you out of the problem. Hence, it is advisable to avoid overspending. Credit card charges on rollovers go up to 3 to 4% every Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 11.31.28 month. Thus you must get hold of short-term personal loans to pay off your credit card bills.


  • Examine the zero-cost EMI closely: If you get proposals for a zero-cost EMI, look for the details. Zero-cost EMI is not always free. They help to make the product look attractive and affordable; however, you may end up paying 15 to 20% more for them. Hence, it is essential to go through zero-cost EMI details if you are willing to do cash down investment.


  • Stay away from impulse purchase: one of the best ways to keep your purchase within budget is to stay away from an impulse purchase. There are a large number of uncertainties associated with the present economic condition. Hence, it is essential to prioritize your needs and requirements and stay away from spending on tertiary items. While making a big purchase, you must consult your family members. Many times, you may get hold of useful opinion from young adults and teenagers. Moreover, you may delay the purchase by a few days while in the meantime, you may survey the market.


  • Research: You must make use of the digital platform before making any purchase. Try to compare the prices of the same product available on different online shopping stores so that you get hold of the best price. Online research will also help you to compare product specifications and features. Investing time in doing a thorough investigation will pay you rich dividends.


  • Coupons: There are various discount coupons available on digital platforms that may provide you additional benefits. There are different Grammarly coupons available on the digital platform for the convenience of students and writers. These coupons may help you to cut the cost of a product which you intend to buy. Credit card companies and eCommerce websites provide discount coupons to their customers for easy shopping.

The buying-selling process may look like an easy task; however, it requires careful attention to the key points. The use of discount coupons may help you make a judicious choice when purchasing items.