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Peyton and Me Meandering through the Streets of South Jersey (Gloucester City Chapter IV)

The outside structure of Jacks' Twin Bar has been showing signs of neglect for a while. It makes you wonder why isn't the owner made to repair it? (CNBNews photo)


William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNews


(Gloucester City, NJ)(November 22, 2020)(CNBNews)--After years of neglect Jack's Twin Bar, Broadway, and Market Street is nearing the end. The condition of the building looks like it is beyond repair. Peeking through the window on the Broadway side you can see broken pieces of sheetrock mixed with leaves. Most likely the leaves got into the building through one of the many holes in the roof.  On Market Street, the siding, along with the capping over the soffit is falling off. Plus a stove pipe has broken down and is leaning into the next property. Trees and vegetation are slowly starting to cover the structure.

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 15.13.53
July 14, 2007, a Rock n Roll revival was held at the bar, a large crowd was in attendance (Jacks Twin Bar photo)


The Camden County Board of Freeholders in 2007 presented a bronze plaque commemorating the Twin Bar as the birthplace of Rock 'N Roll to  Dennis and Tammy Galligan, the owners of the bar. According to historians, it was back in the early 1950s, in an 18-month stint at the Twin Bar, Bill Haley & the Saddlemen, later to become Bill Haley and The Comets, enthusiastically combined country and western, rhythm and blues, and various other musical styles to form a successfully blended sound, which resulted in what Haley described as "the birthplace of rock 'n' roll.

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About five years ago the asking price for the historic property was $400,000 plus. The most recent price we found was $274,000. A notice posted on the door states the property is under the management of Guardian Asset Management, Levittown, Pa 1-888-872-9094. There is also a faded sign on a window that reads Available, Rose Commercial Real Estate 856-985-9522. 


In the back of Jack's Twin Bar the siding is falling off, a stove stack is hanging out of the wall, and the weeds are so bad they are climbing up the sides of the property. The city needs to start levying fines against the owner for not maintaining the building. The blight of this property has a negative reflection on the community, one that is not deserved. A thousand people a day drive by it as it is located on the main thruway. (CNBNews photo)



Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 15.50.18
Rose R.E. had no listing for Jacks Twin Bar but we did find one for  Tavern on The Edge, 332 Jersey Avenue asking price $779,000


"Gloucester City Marina restroom facilities are a disgrace", said a source who sent us several pictures of the inside of the men's restroom. The photos, taken about a week ago show the toilet is stopped up, the trash is spilling onto the floor and the entire floor, including in front of the urinals, is in need of a good scrubbing. The source said, "I have contacted the mayor about these conditions but nothing was ever done.  It is little things like this that give Gloucester City a bad reputation. Who is responsible for maintaining the facilities?"

This isn't the first time CNBNews was contacted about these conditions it has been an ongoing problem for some time.  


Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 21.50.14

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The toilet at the Gloucester City restroom facilities looks like it never was cleaned. While the floor in front of the urinals appears to be stain with urine. The trash can inside the men's room is overflowing with trash. The last photo is of the front of the facilities and the marina's office. Here again, the condition of these city facilities gives a negative image to the city. What is upsetting is the fact that it could be easily taken care of if the person in charge did their job.   (photos provided)


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Below the contractor for PSE&G was installing new utility poles in the Riverview Heights section of Gloucester City. CNBNews photo


Walking throughout the area we noticed a number of people have already put their Christmas decorations up. 


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Watching the sunset last week we were awestruck with the many colors that kept changing in the sky as the sun slipped behind the horizon. With all the turmoil in the world sometimes you just have to stop and appreciate what is happening around you. Looking at this scene you can see that God is still with us. Now take a deep breath, and think about all the good things you have to be thankful for in your life. Happy Thanksgiving a few days early.


~Bill and Peyton (Woof! Woof!)

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