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Judicial Watch: Americans Facing Electoral Coup

“He was the incoming National Security Advisor of the President… Does that tell you anything about all the hypocrisy of the Republicans and Democrats who are pressuring President Trump to give up all his challenges?” Square_415158-Y-IGH17-023

President Trump’s detractors are calling for the president to concede the 2020 election and initiate the transition process. Some have described Trump’s resistance to concede as “a threat to democracy,” but as Fitton explained in last week’s Weekly Update, Americans are facing an “an electoral coup” on the part of the Left. While they insist on the transition of power, Fitton argued that “everybody remembers what they were doing during the Obama-Trump transition. Comey was spying on Trump personally during the transition.” 

As Judicial Watch has previously exposed, Joe Biden repeatedly requested Flynn’s unmasking in the final days of the Obama Administration, a key component of the SpyGate operation against the Trump presidency. “Given his corruption, I consider him a national security threat,” Fitton stated Friday. “Until the law absolutely requires it, I wouldn’t do anything to give Biden a clearance.” As Fitton announced last week, Judicial Watch has opened a new FOIA Lawsuit on General Flynn’s unmasking, a core element of what Fitton describes as “the greatest corruption scandal in American history.”

As the SpyGate scandal goes unresolved, Fitton argued that the Left should “spare us the lectures about how important transitions are,” and that the President should pursue his challenges to the results, as his is right under the Constitution. As Fitton concluded, “the corruption of the Biden-Obama group isn’t gone away. Barack Obama has a new book out, but by the way if you’re looking for a new book about Obama, get Judicial Watch’s new book. I talk about Obama, I talk about the coup, about the attack on General Flynn.”

If you’re concerned about the disputed elections, SpyGate, and corruption at large, support Judicial Watch today.