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How to support local businesses during this difficult time

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(November 24, 2020)--This year has been an exceptionally hard one all around. Large numbers of businesses have been forced to close for an extended period of time due to lockdowns and other restrictions across the globe. Local businesses, in particular, have suffered as they don't have the same infrastructure as global companies. While governments are trying to help out, you can help too.

Buy now, use later

For many stores and local businesses, opening soon is not an option. With many places still facing strict lockdowns, it's not even possible for you to buy anything from them, depending on the type of business they run. However, there are options for them and you. For instance, you can purchase credit or gift cards for use at a later date once they can reopen.

This can work for a range of different businesses, from flower shops, spas, and hair salons to more handyman options. You can even preplan any upgrades to your house, which will require booking professional plumbing services from the nearby area, for instance. There are plenty of options out there, and by purchasing in this manner, businesses can survive a little longer.

Take it to go!

Restaurants are also particularly affected in these times. Many are forced to close their doors entirely depending on the level of lockdown being employed in their area. This means that they can't even invite you in, in a socially distant capacity. Of course, some may still be able to let you in, just with fewer seating options available to accommodate safety measures.

One way to get around this is by grabbing takeaway from such businesses. Most of these restaurants can still offer this as an option, so supporting your local fast food joint can be a great way to help them stay on their feet during their forced closure. Often they will even do deliveries curbside to make the process easier.

Moving online

Many local businesses have managed to make the transition online. In fact, though they may be small, many will have already done this a long time ago. You should make sure you check this out and see what else these local companies have to offer you. Often their services might be slightly altered in this online format but no less effective.

Following on from this somewhat, it's also a good idea to keep up any subscriptions and memberships you might have with local businesses - i.e., your local zoo. In order to accommodate potentially reduced services, many of these businesses are likely to extend your membership once Covid-19 passes, making your loyalty worthwhile. Doing so will also help fund the business during this time.

Networking and design

Finally, you can encourage others to join in with helping out local businesses. Doing so, you can help spread any discounts to others in your area and help bring the business more people. If you've got design skills, use them to help out and offer your services to get them an online presence if they are struggling or don't have one.


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