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How to Choose PDF Converters 


(November 16, 2020)--The purpose of these programs is to transform data from one format to another. Every user needs to do it sooner or later, and the range of possible combinations seems infinite. Some programs allow you to save your work in various formats, but they do not cover everyone’s needs. Here is what you can expect from free and paid conversion products. 

Sometimes, automation is the only way to transform your files. However, even when manual paths exist, they are often flawed. The integrity of data is the main consideration, as it is often lost in the process. Reliable file converters deliver an accurate result in seconds. All you need is a couple of clicks: choose the file, specify the output format, and launch the process. 

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Features of the Best Converters 

Batch conversion is one of the most important features. Why? Converting email messages one by one can turn into a hassle. The best utilities save your time and ensure precision. Multiple documents can change their extensions at once. 

Choose programs with a recovery mode. If the application fails, your data will still be safe. Not all converters are equally reliable, and some free products may be dubious. 

Discover the Best Programs

These programs can meet your needs. Free utilities exist, but their functionality is often limited. Discover the key strengths to look for. 

Effortless Migration from Word

One powerful utility may convert files between Word and PDF. Users can try paid versions for free during their trial period. The tools allow them to achieve different goals: transform separate Word documents or merge several files into a single PDF. Editing and batch conversion of separate documents should also be enabled. 

Additional Settings

Some all-in-one converters have quite a few additional settings. You can not only convert Word to PDF but also edit the result. Upon completion, you may also add headers and footers, optimize for online viewing, add a watermark, or check that the file complies with PDF/A standards. Users can create templates and use them for batch processing in the future. 

Example: Total PDF Converter

This is a universal tool for migration between PDF and DOC, RTF, TIFF, XLS, HTML, EPS, PS, TXT, CSV, PDF/A, and images in batch. The system has a well-designed interface, and it does not require an internet connection on a desktop device. You can convert entire folders, assign page numbers, and convert files using the command line.


The Best PDF Converters Today

Not every paid converter is reliable by default. Choose utilities from established providers, and check user feedback before installing any software. The best PDF tools will convert multiple documents in one go, allow editing, and have a recovery mode. If your data is really valuable, choose methods that guarantee precision.