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Hirsh Singh comes down strongly on Chris Christie’s attack on Trump


TRENTON, NJ--Gubernatorial candidate Hirsh Singh, who has vowed to overhaul the election system in New Jersey and make it more transparent, has come down strongly on the attack by former Governor Chris Christie against President Trump over the weekend. Christie wanted Trump to end the lawsuits opposing election fraud and called his legal team a national embarrassment.

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“It is Chris Christie who is a national embarrassment,” said Singh. “The New Jersey swamp creatures who have been pretending to be pro-America have shown their true colors and have attacked President Trump when he needs our support the most as he takes on the perpetrators of electoral fraud. Christie is angling to run for President in 2024, and in his cynical calculations, it would be better if Trump is completely out of the way and a Democrat administration in power before his run. He couldn’t care less that it will be the end of our Republic,” added Singh.

Christie as well as his lieutenants have been complicit with those perpetrating this fraud. Christie’s right hand man and RNC member, Bill Palatucci, has also attacked Trump for highlighting the fraud committed through mail-in ballots and claimed Trump’s opposition to the fraud through mail-in ballots would “undermine our sacred democracy.” Another candidate for next year’s election, Jack Ciaterelli has called Trump a ‘charlatan’ while Jon Bramnick, the Republican leader in the state Assembly, has termed Trump’s efforts as “dangerous to our democracy.”

These are members of the same establishment that had opposed Trump in 2016 and attempted a coup by trying to replace Trump with John Kasich as the GOP nominee for President. “It is ironic that they speak of democracy,” pointed out Singh. The centerpiece of Singh’s gubernatorial campaign is to fix the electoral system in New Jersey as he himself was the victim of electoral fraud during the 2020 US Senate primary election. Every single type of fraud that Singh experienced has been used against President Trump as well. Singh also has a lawsuit that reached the US Supreme Court in October this year and with arguments nearly identical to those in the lawsuits filed later by President Trump’s teams. In both the case of Singh and President Trump, the NJ GOP and their most experienced operatives have been in cahoots with the Democrats in making the fraud a systemic feature of our election system.

The New Jersey establishment had set up a Democrat named Rik Mehta in the 2020 US Senate primary election to oppose Singh and rigged the primary in Mehta’s favor. They then joined the Democrats in opposing election transparency despite evidence of massive fraud. As a result of Mehta’s Senate candidacy, the Republican Party in New Jersey has nearly been wiped out. Before Christie became Governor, New Jersey had six Republican Congressional seats.  After his embarrassing stint as Governor New Jersey, has been reduced to just two Republican Congressional seats; and even those two were due to the momentum provided by President Trump in the districts of Jeff Van Drew and Chris Smith.

Hirsh Singh is determined to drain the New Jersey swamp.

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