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Ej Dalius throws light on the cost-effective small business marketing ideas during the pandemic

 ...for a garment brand


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(November 26, 2020)--The majority of business owners didn't see the COVID-19 coming! Also, the established organizations with more capital and human resources didn't have a crisis management system ready to fight this pandemic. When it comes to small business companies, you can imagine the challenge they underwent and are still suffering from trying to resume operations. One of the sectors adversely affected by the pandemic is the small business garment brands. People have slowed their purchase of garments and attires because they are afraid of the contamination rates. Here the small business companies dealing in garments need to come up with smart, cost-effective marketing ideas.

Eric J Dalius on using Instagram 

The garment brands aren't in a stage to promote new products. Hence, it's smart to focus on the existing product range through social media posts. Eric J Dalius suggests that small business garment brands should rely on the reach of social media platforms like Instagram. Since Instagram initially got developed as a photo-sharing app and website, small business owners can share stunning pictures of their products and make relevant posts. People respond to images more than texts. Hence, you might find people placing a few orders as well.

"Share client feedbacks," says Eric Dalius

Is yours a small garment business brand? If yes, before the pandemic phase, you must have made good sales and ensured customer delight. Your customers must have shared their feedback through testimonials and reviews. Alternatively, if a customer hasn't, you can ask them for a review. Happy customers will write positive reviews about your brand. Collect the reviews and testimonials and share it on your website and social media page. It will help to generate word of mouth marketing. According to Eric Dalius, when customers read the feedback shared by other customers, they get moved to either follow a brand or purchase.

Business partnerships

The objective for small business brand currently is to stay afloat instead of making rapid sales. Hence, it's a wise decision to get in touch with other business owners and join hands. Make sure that the business vertical you should has a link with your core business as well. For instance, if yours is a garment brand, you can join hands with a pharmaceutical company or an NGO, and design cotton or any other light fabric face masks for students, office goers, and other regular professionals. Ej Dalius says that it will help you be of good use during the pandemic and add value to your brand.

Make YouTube videos

Video marketing is a popular marketing form that small businesses and others are opting into currently. You can do the same for your garment business because you can do it all by yourself. Check out the online tutorials about creating online marketing videos and get on to the task. Make sure to keep the videos short and add informative details, which will help the customers solve a query.

No one knows when everything will get back to normalcy. However, you can use the above-mentioned affordable marketing tactics to survive the pandemic stage.