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Alice E. "Sis" Delano, formerly of Bellmawr
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CNBNews Oct./Nov. 2020 Cheers and Jeers



by William E. Cleary Sr. and Friends


JEER--Let's create a virus and tell America it's a pandemic. Let's make them wear masks and make money on the stock. Invest in Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and let's get the American public afraid to go to the polls and have them use absent T ballots.  Let's stuff the ballots and steal the election South Jersey was a pro at using ballots to win. We know because we lived it.  The biggest scam in American history was designed to remove a Republican president by faking a virus and convincing America to vote by mail.  The Hollywood elite even made a movie to show them the way, called Wag The Dog.


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CHEER-- To people who still have the heart and backbone to speak out openly on their beliefs and stand up for what is right. In an age where the bar has been lowered so far on standards, morals, and ethics of what is acceptable, and society of debauchery and perversion make it honorable and courageous to be able to speak the truth and stand up for right, and NOT allow anyone to compromise your beliefs, ethics or morals.



JEER--The political elite, both Republican and Democrats in Washington D.C., continue to ignore the voice of the people. Trump won the election in 2016 but for the next four years the Democrats, The RINO'S, and the mainstream media did everything they could to delegitimize his presidency. Now the Democrats and some Republicans plus the mainstream media have once again shown that our vote doesn't matter. The cheating by the Left in this election is so blatant it is sickening. Let us hope that Mr. Biden isn't given the key to the suitcase that holds the atomic bomb. He has shown that most of the time he doesn't have a clue of his whereabouts. "This is my son Beau, many of you elected him to the Senate in Delaware."  He made that statement to reporters on election day Nov. 3 in Delaware as he put his arm around his granddaughter.  His son Joseph Robinette "Beau" Biden III died May 30, 2015, of brain cancer. He was 46. (video above)



JEER- There have to be term limits along with age limits for the politicians in Washington. For example, in this video clip, shot in Pittsburg, Pa at a rally on November 2 Joe Biden becomes disoriented and needs help from his wife Jill to find his way off the stage (see video above). This man is the U.S. presumptive president for the next four years.  If this video, along with the many others of the Biden gaffs doesn't show why there has to be a revamping in Washington specifically term limits and mental aptitude tests for the highest office in the land nothing else will.  Mr. Biden definitely has cognitive problems and we challenged anyone to prove otherwise. 



6a00d8341bf7d953ef026bdea21d4b200c-580wi-1photo of GHS central courtyard


CHEER--The Gloucester City High School central courtyard (above) was identified as an ideal location for a massive green infrastructure project. The project partners have collaborated with the City and the Gloucester City Green Team. The Green Team meets monthly to discuss environmentally related issues in the town. Early in the project, the group worked to identify locations for green infrastructure projects. 


JEER--Rioters and looters are causing wanton destruction and costing taxpayers billions in damage as if that is going to help anyone.  Can you explain how stealing sneakers and large screen TV’s help you accomplish your purpose or further your cause? You can’t explain, it doesn’t help, and you belong in prison. YOU are what is wrong in this country and law-abiding American citizens are sick of it and sick of you!


CHEER-God Bless the police and fire departments in Gloucester City and throughout the United State. For those who want to defund the police departments tell us who will you call when you need help?


JEER--The so-called “celebrities” and TV personalities, who insult people openly and call them names over their political beliefs while making false promises to leave the country if a certain candidate wins. You people are “overpaid” to be entertaining. Keep your opinions and mindless drivel to yourself and “entertain” or pack your bags and leave America.  


Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 21.44.53

CHEER--Local photographer Heidi Weaver who has an artistic eye and a knack for "shooting" creative photos of Gloucester City and its citizens. 


JEER--Rude neighbors that park in front of your house, even though they know that there is an unwritten understanding that the area in front of your home is "your parking space".  As soon as I pull away they jump right into my area even though they have plenty of room in their driveway, or in front of their own home.


CHEER--It was nice to see the many parents and guardians that went trick-or-treating with their kids, making sure they were safe and protected during this pandemic.


JEER—There has been a rumor circulating in Brooklawn about a raid conducted by the federal government. The story being told was that a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang who lived in a home on Pennsylvania Ave., was raided over the past month because the person was selling drugs. We asked local Police Chief Shamus Ellis if the rumor was true?  He said, "There was a raid and I think it was on New Jersey Road. It was about a month or two ago and I have zero information on it. Whatever agency it was never contacted me about it. It was either the FBI or ATF. I have to refer you to them." So many times this happens in communities throughout SJ. The feds never tell the local authorities and the public are left in the dark to wonder what happened. 


Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 15.44.44

A home on Walnut Avenue decked out for Halloween (CNBNews photo)

CHEER--Kudos to the residents that displayed such lovely autumn decorations on their properties.  Gloucester City residents sure welcome autumn in a big way.  And as for Halloween, no town can compare to the decorating of Gloucester City folks...SPOOKY and FUNNY.


JEER—On October 9 Gloucester City Police raided three homes. The suspects arrested were allegedly involved in selling illegal drugs. The leader of the drug ring, Jorge Lopez was arrested in 2013 for a Camden City murder. His cohort Jose Cortes, of Riverton, was sentenced to 35 years for the same murder but Lopez got a plea deal and was sentenced to only four years. He was living in Gloucester City when he was charged with the murder. t is not clear if he served the full four years. Local police in Gloucester City and in some surrounding communities don't release crime reports on a regular basis. In this case, the only way we learned of the drug raids was through a CNBNews tipster. The same with the recent raid in Brooklawn. We think the police need to bring back the weekly/monthly crime reports so the public can be aware of what crimes are happening in their community. What are your thoughts?  


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Editor's Note: Some of the monthly Cheers and Jeers you read in this column come from the 70 people who we asked to help us with their suggestions. They represent all walks of life. Such as politicians, priests, ministers, Imagesteachers, police, firemen, grandparents, fathers, mothers, business owners, and average Joe's.  They give us their thoughts on a variety of topics as long as they can remain anonymous.  If you would like to join the group send us your email address to [email protected]


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