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Attorney's for Trump Announce Lawsuit Filing on Friday in Georgia


(CNBNews)(November 19, 2020)--Rudy Giuliani, a campaign attorney for President Donald Trump, announced at a press conference today that a

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lawsuit challenging election results will be filed in Georgia tomorrow, Friday.


“We’re about to file a major lawsuit in Georgia,” Giuliani. The lawsuit will include voter fraud allegations, among other charges, according to The Epoch Times . 


Guiliana said, “In the city of Atlanta, Republicans were not allowed to watch the absentee mail-in ballot process. Inspections completely cast aside. And we have numerous double voters, we have numerous out-of-state voters, and we have specific evidence of intimidation and changes of vote. That will all be in the lawsuit that comes out tomorrow.”


Georgia election workers have spent days doing a recount on the order of Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican. Four counties, according to The Epoch Times, have reported previously uncounted ballots, which in total cut Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead over Trump by around 1,400.


Sidney Powell, a lawyer working for Trump’s campaign, told reporters that the lawsuit filed in Georgia by attorney Lin Wood includes a “stunning, detailed affidavit” from an alleged whistleblower who said he witnessed Venezuelan officials work with election software company Smartmatic to rig elections in that country, reported The Epoch Times.  He said Dominion Voting Systems uses software that incorporated much of the Smartmatic system.


Dominion has denied wrongdoing.




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