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Air Conditioning Units: Their Common Problems and Corresponding Solutions


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(November 18, 2020)--I think everybody would agree that we cannot live without air conditioning units or commonly known as AC, especially during hot seasons like summer. They make our lives more comfortable since they make every place cooler. When they are in good condition and work optimally, they make everything in our lives so much easier. We sleep, work, and hang around better with them in our day-to-day lives.


But what if they are not always on their best foot forward? What if they experience derailments too? Are our lives still as comfortable as they were when these ACs were still serving their purpose? Or would they add to the usual predicaments we face every day? Regardless of the answer, know that air conditioning units are either our friend or enemy. But it depends on how we treat them and respond to the troubles that surmount them.


Thus, listed below are the air conditioning units’ common problems and their corresponding solutions.

1. Wear and Tear

Not only are your clothes, bags, shoes, or vehicles, but also aircon units experience wear and tear. Wear and tear is a regular occurrence when you have utilized your things or objects for an extended period. Of course, your aircon unit is not an exemption, and it will never be in the same condition as when you bought it. Thus, because of its depreciation, your aircon unit began experiencing a malfunction. Worse, it will come to a point where it will be of no use.


Therefore, the best solution to this is to replace it with a new one because whatever you do, an aircon unit used over time will eventually expire. Besides, it’s not a waste of money since it has served you for most years of your life.


Hence, if you reside in Brisbane, you may contact Brisbane's Ducted Air Conditioning Specialists to help you with your new aircon units since they can provide you with excellent climate control solutions. Further, it would be of great help to you since they install, design, and supply ducted aircon units much better than the old models.

2. Clogged Filters

Clogged or even dry filters are one of the most common problems of aircon units. It is one of the main reasons why aircon units do not work well. The reason for its clog is when it is not cleaned regularly. Consequently, it will reduce the flow of the air. 


The way to solve this usual problem is to observe and follow the manufacturer’s manual regarding filter replacement or change frequency. Some manuals require changing the filters monthly or every three months. While others are reusable and just need to be cleaned from time to time.

3. Inaccurately Calibrated Thermostat 

When your aircon unit’s thermostat is not working or wrongly calibrated, your aircon unit will not turn on because it is the thermostat’s job to direct the aircon unit to turn on. It is like a cause-and-effect situation. An inaccurately calibrated thermostat is the cause of a non-functioning aircon.


Therefore, the proper solution is to set your thermostat to cool and bump down the temperature setting. After that, you may check your electrical panel to see if there is a blown fuse. Lastly and more practically, you may also check the power supply since everything, including the thermostat, is connected to the power supply. 

4. Aircon Unit Not Cooling

One of the typical problems of aircon units is when it runs, but it does not cool. There are many causes to it as it is too hot or sunny outside; your aircon unit could not cool your home. Another is that perhaps your air-con unit’s filter is dry or has a low refrigerant level—a low refrigerant level results from an undercharged air-con unit or when it leaks. Consequently, your aircon unit does not cool.


The proper recommendation to troubleshoot this problem is to add more coolant to your air conditioning system, manage the dry air filter, charge the aircon unit, or simply fix the cause of the leak. When this solution is actualized, your aircon unit will start to cool again.

5. Weird Noises 

Weird or strange noises produced by aircon units are not expected since a good-working aircon unit does not make loud noises. So if you hear your aircon unit producing these noises, believe that it has a problem with its belt when the latter is not aligned correctly or is already worn out. It may also indicate a problem with its motor’s bearings as loose or already deteriorated. 

The best solution is to seek a specialist or expert like the technicians at air conditioning repair denver to align or replace the belt and bearings or simply tighten them. You cannot do it alone if you are not a highly technical person. Hence, you’ll be needing a service provider to help you fix it. But if all else fails, you need to have your aircon unit replaced. 



Understandably, a malfunctioned air condition unit is bothersome. But these problems are unavoidable. That is why solutions are provided to troubleshoot them. You only need to be alert and observant so that you will immediately notice what needs to be done to your aircon unit.