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Adam K. Veron identifies some companies that have grown because of the crisis


( 7, 2020)--The economic future seems uncertain as the business landscape in the US  has changed drastically over the past few weeks due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. There is serious concern about mass layoffs and business closures. No one knows when the effects of the pandemic will settle, when the stock market will recover and when economic activities will return to normal.  However, not all businesses are affected in the same way. Some companies are uniquely poised to recover from the COVID-19 crisis and have been doing well, some even experiencing an uptick in business.

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Adam K. Veron observes that the novel coronavirus crisis has been a tremendous learning experience for businesses as each one tries to adapt. Veron is not at all surprised to see that some traditional businesses have been successful in the fast-changing landscape. Some examples are businesses that help people maintain social distance from others and retailers that help people stock up essential commodities for eating and drinking at home. 

The types of small businesses that have been doing well during the crisis are discussed below.

Adam K. Veron names grocery stores as the largest beneficiaries of the crisis

As restaurants and dining rooms remain closed in most parts of the US and people are maintaining social distancing norms, more families are eating at home and stocking up on goods. This has led to a surge in demand for grocery items as experienced by grocers, both large and small. The President of the National Grocers Association, the largest body of grocers in the US, Greg Ferrara, acknowledged the unique role that small grocers play during difficult times. Larger chains are heavily dependent on small grocers who stock goods at unbelievable speeds to sustain supply chains.  Goods have been flying off shelves in grocery stores.

Cleaning services

The fear of spreading novel coronavirus has increased people’s awareness of cleanliness. As a result, people now regularly sanitize offices, workplaces and homes. This has increased the demand for professional cleaning services, so those services have been doing good business. Corporate Cleaning Inc, a cleaning company based in Ohio, admitted that the demand for cleaning commercial and medical facilities had grown immensely due to the COVID-19 crisis. They say that they have never experienced such a spike in demand before as more and more people are turning to them to maintain safety and health.

Delivery services

The fear of coronavirus infection compels most people to stay indoors. Because the government advises people to refrain from wandering around without good reason, everyday people have started depending heavily on delivery services for delivery of goods at homes and businesses.   The largest beneficiaries have been food delivery services and corporate delivery services that have been experiencing strong demand. Many such companies are in the expansion mode to support the additional demand, as evident from the hiring of additional drivers by GrubSouth, a local delivery service in Huntsville, Alabama. The company is gearing up to hire more drivers as the demand is growing extremely fast. 


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