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3 Ways to Congratulate a Friend on a New Job

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(November 17, 2020)--Getting a new job is a really exciting time as it brings up so many opportunities. Whether it is a first job, a new position within a company or a complete change involving moving away, you should always congratulate your friends on their successes. There are many things you can do to help your friends feel appreciated and as though people around them are recognizing all their hard work. Here are just a few of them.

Take Your Friend Out for a Meal

One classic option that is always a crowd-pleaser is to take your friend out for a meal to say well done for their new job. Going out for a meal is something that pretty much everyone enjoys and, as their friend, you will probably know what kind of food they like and what they will enjoy most. You could even do this as a surprise to make it extra special, but remember to tell them to save the date in their diary and book a table in advance!

Paying for a friend’s meal is a really generous and meaningful thing to do and will help them feel proud of their achievement. It will most likely make them more excited about their new opportunity. Depending on your budget and the job that they have secured, you could go to your local favorite, or you could splash out on a fancier meal. Either way, it is the thought that counts and you will be sure to have an amazing night together.

Buy Them a Gift Card

If you want to gift your friend something to congratulate them but aren’t entirely sure what they would like, a gift card is always a safe option. This means that you are providing the gift but are leaving it up to them to what they would like to purchase, so you know your gift will be chosen wisely. Take a look through the various gift cards on https://giftsvouchers.co.uk to get a little inspiration, but other than that you can leave it in their hands!

This option is particularly useful if you don’t live nearby your friend so you cannot necessarily celebrate in person. It will remind them that you are thinking of them and will make them feel great.

Organise a Surprise Gathering

If you have a similar social circle, organizing a surprise gathering between your friends is always an amazing way to surprise someone. This will feel super meaningful to them as you will have had to put in some organization to make this happen, and it will also mean that multiple people can congratulate them at once, which will make them feel really appreciated. Sending out a quick text to friends will go a long way and will really make the event memorable.

Changing jobs is both exciting and scary, but if you have supportive friends around you to congratulate you and guide you through the process, you will only see the positives. Change is really positive and healthy, so try and make this one something that can be remembered as an exciting and fun experience.