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5 Reasons People Don't Follow Their Dreams in Life

When Do You Know The Senior Years Are Here?

 By: Joe Ball,

CNBNews Contributor


As a person gets older, and doesn’t recognize that youth is a memory, into their life comes hints of aging.

Here are a few being experienced by this writer. External-content.duckduckgo-1

At the office:

…I’m making more outgoing sales calls, then there are incoming calls with orders.

…Former personnel, passing through Phila., or surfing the internet, call to see if I’m still alive.

…Attending business functions, so many of the people I know are not there. They’re retired- -or dead.

…My staff members, in their twenties, have no idea who Jerry Blavat, Larry Kane, Chuck Bednarick, John B. Kelly, Jr. are. (“Kel”, long decreased, was a partner of mine in one of my corporations in the mid 1960’s.)

 Other Hints

…When organizations name you “A Lifetime Member”.

…When your afternoon appointments are less to clients, and more to medical practitioners.

…When people stop calling you by your first name, and address you as “Mr.”


…When you realize the President of the U.S. is younger than your son.

…When you pass on your Eagles season tickets to your children, because you don’t like the parking problems, the steps, and the noise.

…Breakfast and dinner is preceded by taking a handful of vitamins and pills.

…Taking your sugar count every day, and hoping the sugar number doesn’t approach your weight.

…When grandchildren know more- -much more!- -about technology- -but not about history.

….When you hesitate to buy new clothes for yourself.

…When you find it easier to fall asleep for an afternoon nap, then at bedtime.

…When your friends retire.

…When your closet trousers have lengthened, and you haven’t worn them in years.

…When you search for a word you know…know it exists… and it doesn’t come to you immediately.

…When people you think are your age, offer to give up their seat for you.

…When your spouse says, “We have to move to a smaller place.”

…When you don’t want to get a new dog because you don’t want to walk it.

…When reading the newspaper obits every day is a must procedure- -and occasionally seeing a familiar name.

But youth remains, when…

…You have a reason to get up every morning- -and you DO get up- -and go.

…You have a sense of humor, and laugh your way through the day.

…You have an interest in current events, and new ideas.

…Live…LIVE!…in today , and have things to do tomorrow.

Published on November 26, 2012.



Joe Ball, Philadelphia-area publisher, advertising agency owner, and radio show producer, has been named chairman of the U.S. International Film & Video Festival judges committee in the Business-to-Business category. The subject materials are videos submitted by businesses, production firms, and advertising agencies from throughout the U.S. and internationally. Ball continues to lead American Advertising Services, 29 Bala Ave., Ste. 117, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004, a firm he founded 55 years ago.

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