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What you need to know about Litecoin Gambling


( 22, 2020)--In this article, we will discuss Litecoin gambling system benefits as well as discover what Litecoin advantages make it an ideal betting cryptocurrency. We will look over the essentials of the Litecoin gambling process and weigh the pros and cons of its usage for gaming.

How to start gambling with Litecoin?

First of all, let us make it clear what Litecoin is. It is a cryptocurrency, which is widely spread nowadays and used in a number of different fields as well as in online gambling. Litecoin or “silver coin”, as it is frequently called, is very suitable for playing online. To start Litecoin gambling you need to provide the following simple steps:

Create an LTC wallet. A wallet can be mobile, online, and desktop type. There are “cold’ and “hot” LTC wallets. Any of the listed wallet types has its preferences and advantages. 

After you have a wallet, you need to complete the next important step. You have to choose a reliable Litecoin casino. There are such indicators of a trustworthy online gambling platform:

  • Reputation. A good reputation is earned throughout the years. Do not play at casinos that are younger than at least 5 years.
  • Reviews. If you doubt other gamblers can help you with their reviews of the casinos they tried.
  • Licensing. Check out all the casino licenses and other related documents to be sure they are legal.
  • Customer support service. A reliable casino is always there for its customers 24/7. Make sure you can address your question to the manager.

After you decide on the casino, you register in the system. This will not take long. Once you have an account, you choose a Litecoin game you like and make your first deposit. This process is similar to depositing a credit card. Once you press the deposit button, you will need to enter the details of your LTC wallet. Be sure you enter all data correctly, as in case of mistake you will not be able to return your earnings. This happens because of the transactions type that all crypto use. 

The advantages of Litecoin Casino

It seems Litecoin casinos can gain such popularity as Bitcoin casinos. Because Litecoin gambling does not require any special knowledge and brings good chances to win. The decision to play LTC games online usually gives gamblers plenty of opportunities to get bonuses as well. And of course, there are a lot of different Litecoin game types for your disposal. 

For some gamblers, Litecoin gaming security is a significant advantage. And for other gamblers, the most essential part of LTC gambling is the possibility to play anonymously. This last advantage cannot be performed when using a credit card so it is unique.

Countries that allow online gambling but do not allow operating online casinos

 Litecoin Casino games 

Litecoin games’ number and quality are growing exponentially. The reason for this growth is read between the lines: Litecoin has a great reputation and high speed. Among the games, you can play using this crypto are different dice games, slots, table games, etc. Reaching to 7bitcasino you can choose from a big list of game options. For example:

1) Boomshakalaka slot with 5 reels and Wild symbol by Booming games offers free spins and special game features called Catpots.

2) Mix Fruits by Belatra games is a 5 reel slot with a possibility to win a jackpot. This classic slot has an army of fans all over the world.

3) Book Of Doom by Belatra Games. It is a 5-reel slot with an adventurous game plot dedicated to Ancient Egypt.

4) Aztec Magic Deluxe by Bgaming has three lines and 5 reels. This slot machine is popular for its amazing sounds.

5) Horror House by Booming. This beautiful slot machine equipped with 5 reels will take you on a scary adventure with a possibility to get free spins.

There are various bonuses at 7bitcasino for Litecoin gambling. However, more popular amongst them are the following:

  1. Welcome, bonus. When making your first deposit you get a 100% bonus which can be up to 1,5 LTC. A second deposit will bring you 50% of up to 1,25 LTC. Your third deposit will bring you the same 50% together with 1,25 Litecoin. And finally, with the fourth deposit, you can count on 100% and 1 LTC.
  2. Daily Cashback Bonus features are counted according to the amount of your daily deposit.
  3. Reload Mondays. This is one of the best bonus programs as recognized by gamblers.

Litecoin and Bitcoin: significant differences in terms of gambling

Let us discuss the most significant differences between Bitcoin and the “silver coin”. In terms of gambling, the speed of transactions becomes essential. From this point, Litecoin is four times faster than Bitcoin. Transactions in the Litecoin blockchain proceed every 2,5 minutes. As you can see the distinction is very high.

The second significant difference in Litecoin is high supply limits. The third privilege of Litecoin which indirectly relates to gambling is the easiest mining process which allows you to get a whole coin cheaper.

Where else the LTC cryptocurrency is used

Litecoin gambling in online and land-based casinos is not the only way to use this promising cryptocurrency. The amount of fields where Litecoin is widely used is continuously growing. Here are just a few of them:

  • Online shopping. This is not the way to spend Litecoin only. At the same time, this kind of purchasing gives customers an opportunity to earn more crypto getting bonuses on specific online platforms.
  • Sports betting is an amazing way to spend and earn Litecoins if you choose verified brokers and know how to act cold-minded.
  • The investing field is great for Litecoin as well.
  • Exchange services bring an opportunity to start a business in the field of cryptocurrency exchanging.

Wrap Up

Summing up let us say Litecoin has the potential for growth. It has undeniable advantages that make it a good competitor for his “eldest brother”, Bitcoin. And as analytics says Litecoin is going to show growth in upcoming years.