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CNB Business: We Recommend AM Botte Mechanical for Heating & Air Conditioning


(Gloucester City, NJ)(October 17, 2020)--We recently replaced our 17-year old heating system with a new Navien Boiler. It was installed by AM Botte Mechanical, of Pennsauken Township,  NJ.  The company is owned by Anthony Botte, who worked for Chalie Blaylock Heating and Air Conditioning for sometime before going out on his own. We IMG_20201013_161233767originally called Chalie to do the work but found out that he had retired. Chalie recommended A.M. Botte and we are so happy he did.

Andrew "Fitz" Fitzpatrick, the mechanic who installed the boiler, arrived at our house at 7:30 AM.  He worked throughout the day up until 6 PM. The job was finished by mid-afternoon on the following day.  The crew working with Fitz, (Randy and Frank), cleaned up the area surrounding the boiler and when they left the area was spotless.  Before calling it a day, Fitz showed us how everything worked and told us to call him personally if we had any problems or questions.

Thank you to Dustin Paugh, estimator too.

You can be very proud of your employees Anthony, they were diligent, respectful, and efficient.  To anyone looking for a new heater we highly recommend AM Botte Mechanical, for all your heating and air-conditioning needs.  Visit their website  at https://ambotte.com

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