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By Lisa Eclesworth


About the Author:

Lisa Eclesworth is a notable and influential lifestyle writer. She is a mom of two and a successful homemaker. She loves to cook and create beautiful projects with her family. She writes informative and fun articles that her readers love and enjoy. You can directly connect with her on email - lisa@lisaeclesworth.com or visit her website www.lisaeclesworth.com.


Destiny carries the weight of people's tears, hopes, smiles, and fears, yet most don't know much about their future. Everyone is walking blindly into the next moment of life unless you take action, and try the following time-tested ways to peak into your destiny.




One common way to learn about the future involves the stars. Astrology has been used by professional seers who've been able to extract all sorts of information about people. Now, understanding how one person connects to the stars can be a little tricky. The specialist has to learn a few details about your birth before he or she can tell you more details about your future. Divulging some of what you hold dear can make some uncomfortable, so make sure you're talking to someone you feel comfortable with to get the most out of your reading.


Automatic Writing


Sometimes, the best way to connect with things that exist outside of what people understand as reality is to use techniques like automatic writing. The professional disconnects from his or her consciousness and allows something else to write through them. Some might argue it's the specialist's subconscious that's able to tap into the ethereal, while others might argue it's something more supernatural. The theory behind why it works is up for debate, but this is a very effective way to learn more about your future.


Card Reading


One method of divination that everyone knows is card reading or cartomancy as specialists prefer to call it. The reader uses natural intuition and knowledge to read tarot cards or oracle cards. A person doesn't have to be present to have this method work as many cartomancy specialists offer their services online or become phone psychics to reach more people. Card reading is quite complex because it can show the reader more than just the future. It can reveal desires, hidden truths, past traumas, and much more.




Another effective way to uncover one's fate is through clairaudience. This is one of the most unsettling of talents but one that's quite effective. A clairaudience medium is a person who can hear voices from beyond. This is a person who hears spirits, which is something some people don't like to think about. You may have seen actors playing these folks in movies or shows. Most of the folks who enlist the help of someone like this want to know about the past but not always. The spirit world is a mysterious one that can reveal things about the future as well.




Clairvoyance is another gift that tends to make some people feel uncomfortable. It's sometimes considered the sixth sense and describes a person who's able to sense or see energies existing outside this plane of existence. A person with this gift can see things that are veiled, which could include paths towards a future you haven't thought about yet. A clairvoyant will enlighten your path and life in ways you couldn't imagine. Allow yourself to be taken down this rabbit hole because the potential for answers is worth the trip.




Most people take numbers for granted, but if you start to pay attention to why formulas and numbers work, you'll start to see that numbers are quite special. How can such a seemingly chaotic world hold such order to it? Formulas can predict outcomes in the natural world, thanks to numbers. Numerology takes this concept beyond physical existence. The right specialist can look at the numbers that govern your life and help you uncover all sorts of secrets about your life including where you might be heading. Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 14.52.55




Oneiromancy or dream interpretation is something psychics have used for a long time. Dreams hold the key to so many doors within the subconscious if you're able to interpret them. This is what these folks have learned to do, and their knowledge can help you find out more about your destiny. The practitioner is going to ask you to keep a dream journal next to you so that you can write down what you've experienced. It might take some time to get the full picture, but with some patience, you'll be able to uncover so much.


These are some of the most effective divination methods out there. Try to use the one that works best for you, or use a combination for a more comprehensive outlook.


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