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Three Ways to Upgrade Your Company's Digital Assets

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( 20, 2020)--The coronavirus crisis has forced businesses and consumers online. The best-fitted website and the smartest online working practices have trumped those businesses with poor and outdated digital assets. For those companies that have struggled to keep up this year, upgrading and modernizing has been a huge priority - getting a website, and other key digital assets ready for the 2020s and the huge surge in line trade. This piece is all about how you'll upgrade your business's digital features in 2020 and beyond.

Your Website

Websites have been the crux of the online shopping world for a decade. Long before the rise of coronavirus and the peak in line trade that it precipitated, consumers were increasingly flicking online to buy the goods they needed and engage in the services they sought. This trend has hit overdrive this year - and those with websites to handle this traffic, and impress consumers, have tended to do well in 2020.

If your website hasn't been upgraded for a while, it's likely losing your customers. SEO updates will help you to get seen by more consumers on Google search. In contrast, visual and stylistic updates will help your company drive your online assets' trust and professionalism. Engage with a web design company in Miami to help you build up your new and upgraded website this winter and into 2021.

Collaborative Work

Meanwhile, whether your company boasts five employees or 500 members of staff, your transition to working together online - and remotely, from each staff member's home - may have been a difficult one. The more employees you have, the more coordination you'll have needed to put in place to have your staff contribute to your business while social distancing guidelines have been put in place.

As companies moved to remote work, the right tech emerged to help them manage their teams and collaborate across space and time. These include Microsoft Teams and the impressive Google Suite of technologies that help you create and collaborate on files from your remote working locations.

Social Media

One of the corners of the online world that's fared particularly well during the COVID-19 crisis has been the social media sector. With more people stuck at home with little to do, communication and post-sharing has risen dramatically, which has presented the social media-savvy in the business world with opportunities to engage with followers and draw in new fans.

If you don't have a social media intern or executive on your team, now is the time to hire one or to create a role for one of your existing employees to move into. That's because there are millions upon millions of people that smart content production and posting can help engage with across the internet - and all you need to do to ensure that you're making the most of the social media space is to post consistently on the main platforms. 

There you have it: three ways to upgrade and engage in better digital assets in 2020, leading you to a more profitable 2021. 


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