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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Are The Communities oF Gloucester City/Brooklawn Turning Into Slums?


This letter is to everyone in Gloucester City and Brooklawn.  Has anyone notices these towns are turning into another Camden?  The houses are not taken care of.  The streets are falling apart.  And no one wants to move to Gloucester anymore because it looks bad. Letters to the ed 1

This is because the Township Government does not want to do anything to help this town.  They let Section 8 in, which is destroying this town and there is no reason for it.

Gloucester City has always been known as a low income town.  We have 2 trailer parks and 2 over 55 Apartment buildings.  This should suffice for our low income housing.  Yet, the Mayor, Mr Spencer, and his constituents do want to do anything to change this.  They want to sit on their butts and let our property values diminish because they are either being paid off or just too lazy.

I sent the Mayor, the Building Inspector and the Council these pictures of the garage behind my house.  It looks bad and it is lowering my property value.  They have done absolutely nothing to fix this problem.  The Building Inspector sent me an email stating there is no codes saying this person cannot patch their roof.  I looked up the codes and found one that stated a building must be structurally sound to pass CO.  This garage is missing the fascia board.  The gutters are up there on drywall screws into the rotted rafters and I am getting shingles all over my backyard.  And no one cares.

Is this the way we want our town to look?  I certainly do not.  I feel like Camden is moving in and we are being pushed out.  And is this why we are paying taxes.  To have a Government that does not care about the conditions or the reputations of the towns. 

Please help me with this.  Write to our Mayor Dan Spencer <>

or write to the Housing officer, William Ackley <>

Tell them we are not going to let our town go down.  We are going to fight to keep this town nice like it once was. 

Please join me in my effort to bring this town back and get rid of Section 8 and slum lords like the one behind me.  It is our property values on the line.  Stand up and make a statement.  I cannot do this alone.

Daniel Boggs

510 Middlesex st

Gloucester City, NJ 08030