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The NFL Stars To Have In Your Fantasy Football Team

( 28, 2020)--Some people play fantasy football for fun, but the real player is in it to win it. Alas, with the game so popular, and with so many players to choose from, sometimes it feels like reaching the top is nothing but an uphill battle. While it can take a little time to get used to the game, once you have, you’ll find that a little bit of research can go a long way. If you’re unsure of who to pursue your team, take a read below, where we’ll guide you through some of the hottest selections to consider for your NFL fantasy football team.

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 Photo by Pixabay


Travis Fulgham

One of fantasy football’s highest performing players happens to be a wide receiver for the nearby Philadelphia Eagles. Travis Fulgham is having an excellent season and continues to put points on the board, and, as a general rule, any player who can influence the odds of an NFL team winning a game has to be in contention for a starting place on a fantasy football side. Fulgham is hitting double-digit targets for fun this season, even hitting the tally in consecutive weeks. If he keeps going like this, there’ll be no doubt that he has to be the starting wide receiver for the Eagles throughout the season.

Justin Herbert

Some players burst onto the scene, only to slowly — or sometimes quickly — fall off the map. But Justin Herbert doesn’t seem to be one of those guys. You only need to check out his stats to see that he’s probably the real deal. Seven touchdown passes in two games? 22 Fantasy Points in three of his four starts? If it’s beginner’s luck, then it sure is sticking around. Despite many pundits expecting that he’d simply perform well rather than great in the NFL, Herbert continues to impress. Indeed, he’s making history for the Los Angeles Chargers. His stats put him in contention with Dan Fout, who was no sucker when it came to football. Get him on your side.

Ronald Jones II

There’s always a surprise package in the NFL season. Even players who looked entirely underwhelming during the pre-season can turn it all around and have a flash in the pan season. Ronald Jones II seems to fit that mold. He was nearly overlooked by his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before the season started since they decided to bring in Leonard Fournette. But the strong start to the season for Jones II has changed all that; though Fournette is injured, it seems unlikely that he’d walk back into the side with Jones II in this kind of form anyway. There’s every chance that Ronald becomes a top 10 running back this season, given the start he’s made. Twenty touches and 100 scrimmage points in three straight games is nothing to roll your eyes at. He’s stepping up, and should rightly be considered for a place on anyone’s team.

Josh Allen

With some players, you can see that even if things haven’t quite happened, then at least they’re on the right track. Josh Allen is one such player who is worthwhile considering. At the moment he’s performing well but not putting too many fantasy points on the board. There’s the sense, however, that he’s been doing all the right things. Wait until the Bills have a straightforward opposition and get him into your side. He’s hitting 300 yards of passing and 60 yards of rushing, and eventually, those kinds of stats are going to pay off. 

As ever, you’ll want to keep an eye on which teams the players you’ve selected are matching up against. But sometimes, talent is the victor. All the players above have shown that they mean business this year. Indeed, many of them are young enough to suggest that they might have a breakout season. From here, they may go from strength to strength. At the very least, they’re ones to watch.