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There are plenty of new openings to look forward to in Pennsylvania

( 28, 2020)--It's never been more important than now to champion our local entrepreneurs. Thankfully for us Pennsylvanians, we have plenty of fresh businesses to choose from. Whether you're after a night at the casino, a cake, and a coffee, or a handmade gift, these are the business openings, big and small, happening in Pennsylvania.


Dalicia Ristorante and Bakery, Mechanicsburg

For a long while, Dalicia Bakery was the perfect spot to enjoy a hot drink and chat on North 3rd Street, Harrisburg. However, they're moving onto bigger and better things! Now offering a full restaurant menu alongside some of the best cakes in the state, this new location will be a hit with cake fiends and gourmands alike. 

Although the new restaurant is still having some finishing touches applied, it'll be open and ready for business soon. In the meantime, you can always check out the venture at the old Dalicia site, which offers freshly ground coffee served in a bookshop.


The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City

Besides celebrating brand new openings, Pennsylvania also has a series of re-openings to be thankful for, perhaps none more so than Atlantic City's Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The business has been doing well since it's reopening in July, playing host to casino guests who love nothing more than a spin on the slot machine in a vibrant atmosphere, as well as hotel visitors who can enjoy friendly service and exceptional quality accommodation.


Sniffany's, York

Pennsylvania has never been a state that shies away from the unusual, and this new business opening is certainly a little niche. Sniffany's of York is the new boutique for the upper-class pooch. They opened back in July and have had a whole host of discerning dogs through their doors. 

Besides offering treats and accessories, they specialize in luxury dog grooming. Whether it's just a wash and blow dry, or a completely fresh look, business owner Sabrina Thomas is sure to give your furry friend the five-star treatment.


Pennsylvania Libations Wine Shop, Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania Libations Spirits Shop has long been a local favorite of Pittsburgh residents, offering high-quality liquors to discerning customers. It was only a matter of time before their success leads to another opening and they've picked just the right spot. 

Pennsylvania Libations Wine Shop is in the heart of the Strip District, at 1700 Penn Avenue. The shop specializes in wines sourced from within the state, taking full advantage of our fantastic growing conditions and supporting local business at a whole new level. 


Pane è Pronto, Pittsburgh

Pane è Pronto is a brand spanking new Italian takeout. The owners are Pittsburgh staples, owning DiAnoia's Eatery and Pizza Davide, so this new venture is likely to be well received. Pane è Pronto aims for a laid-back vibe and specializes in incredible home-baked bread. 

They offer eight different types of baked fresh every day and although we've not made our way through all of them, the ones we have tried are truly delicious. Alongside their bakes, they're capitalizing on their Italian restaurant successes and offering traditional dishes at affordable prices.