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VoiceVibes speech coaching software used to rate vocal delivery of Trump and Biden
BALTIMORE, MD - October 23rd, 2020 - VoiceVibes, an AI-powered communication coaching platform designed by former employees of AT&T Bell Laboratories and JHU Applied Physics Lab, has used their technology to 2020 election
analyze the second 2020 Presidential debate this past Thursday evening between President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden. The results show graded performances on a scale of 0-10 (10 being best) based on dimensions of Vocal Delivery (meaning how professional and polished they sound, as following known best practices for speakers) and also predicts how a typical audience would perceive the speakers by using AI models that were trained on millions of data points on human perception of voice.
Overall, Trump's best topic was Healthcare, and Biden's was Immigration.
Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 7.41.07 AM
The most lively (longest) debate was on Race In America, with 12 meaningful speaker switches. Immigration had the fewest meaningful switches, 1. (note: this back-and-forth was less than one minute.)
During the debate portions, speaking time per candidate was very well split (a testament to the moderator and format of the debate) where no candidate spoke significantly more than the other.  
Speaker talk time hovered close to 50% on average. Biden spoke the least on immigration (42%) and Trump had the fewest words on Climate (45%).
Winners for each topic determined based on the vocal analysis of confidence and authenticity follows in the image below:
“Keep in mind that our software does not attempt to evaluate the content or merit of their statements or politics, rather the persuasiveness of their tone and vocal delivery,” said Debra Cancro, CEO of VoiceVibes.
About VoiceVibes: 
VoiceVibes, Inc. is a Baltimore, MD startup using AI to help teams practice and improve their customer conversations in a scalable, convenient, and objective way. The company’s automated coaching platform ensures that employees are delivering consistent messages and making the best impressions. Used by top organizations for sales, leadership, and service training, VoiceVibes is the only platform with automated feedback to tell speakers how others are likely to perceive them – across 20 areas called “vibes.” For more information, visit