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PBA Local #231 President Victor Bermudez on Shameful County Democrats Video


 Calls on Musso & Castellini to Condemn Video, Vote “No” on Transfer Resolutions

(VINELAND, NJ) – PBA Local #231 President Victor Bermudez released the following statement today in response to the shameful and egregious cartoon-like video mocking county correctional police officers and their families at last evenings protest:

“A Charlie Chaplin-style silent video was released today mocking myself and other protesting county correctional police officers and their families. The video is shameful, egregious and represents everything that is wrong with the Cumberland County Democratic Party and its leadership.

“Our campaign to save 121 county jobs is the furthest thing from a joke. This is as real as it gets. Real people's lives are being torn apart: salaries, health benefits, and pensions are all on-the-chopping block. For what? For public employees who did everything right, played by all of the rules, and now, now they have a county that’s defunding their agency and denigrating their families.

“Freeholders Musso and Castellini need to condemn this video and they need to name names and bring receipts. But even more so, Musso and Castellini need to vote against tonight’s resolutions to export corrections to Atlantic and Burlington counties. 

“Don’t defund. Don’t export. And to quote Spike Lee, “Do the right thing.”