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Online Gambling With Free VPN? Here’s What You Should Know

Online Gambling With Free VPN

( 12, 2020)--A lot of people, including online gamblers, are very particular when it comes to their security online and the privacy of their personal information over the internet. That is understandable since there are always a lot of cyberattackers that are out there to steal your information and even your money. This is one of the many reasons why the use of a free virtual private network or VPN has become popular.


Good online gamblers are also particular on here they would bet. This is why finding the best site or app is imperative for you. For that, can help you with their list of the top-rated and most well-reviewed sites and apps right now.


Are there any dangers of using a free VPN service? Here’s what you should know.

It can slow down your connection

Notice how, sometimes, you experience a slow connection after turning on a VPN? You might think that that is your main connection just fluctuating or maybe getting affected by the activation of the proxy connection, but it is an intended thing and is caused by the proxy source itself.


Most of the time, “free” VPN apps would allow you to use their services for no cost but would intentionally give you a proxy with a terrible connection and bandwidth. They would then try to offer you to go “premium” or “pro” to get faster speeds and larger browsing bandwidth.

Your personal and financial information might be at risk

Some “free” VPNs can offer their proxies at no cost, or at least not the cost that you are aware of. Numerous studies have already found several malicious VPN applications that collect personal information and sell them to data brokers without the permission of the users nor even the open knowledge of it to them.


This is the reason why you sometimes see an ad that is strangely targeted to you, and you are left puzzled why your computer or phone knew that you had the slightest idea of the certain product or service that you now getting advertised with.

You can get in trouble, or lose your money

A lot of betting sites and apps are restricted to be accessed only locally from their country, or only available to players based on specific states or countries. However, some people are still able to access these otherwise restricted apps and sites through one loophole--the use of a VPN service.


Since it connects you to a proxy and masks your IP and location with a fake one, you can use a free VPN to access otherwise blocked services. You can register to the site and perhaps even get to the point where you top up your wallet, make a deposit, and attempt to place your first bet. However, security features of the site or app would eventually expose that you are only using a mock location and you are not authorized to access their services.


When this happens, you re most definitely banned from the service of the betting site, and all money you have deposited and winnings (if you managed to play and win) would be forfeited. You would technically be liable to answer to the law, but the owners of these online betting places are very unlikely to pursue a legal case against you anyway.

Before you go

Once more, you should remember that using a VPN is not a bad thing. In itself, it is not a bad thing either. However, there are two ways that it can be a bad thing for you: one is when you use the wrong kind of service and two when you use the service for the wrong purposes.


As long as you keep your activities in a straight direction, there would be nothing to worry about. Just always remember to stay as a responsible gambler and never forget to have fun while betting!