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Memories of Gloucester City: Do You know Where This Is?


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ--(October 19, 2020)--Frank Devlin needs help identifying the location in the attached picture.  The event is the 1930 American Legion Parade.  The man on the horse is his grandfather J. Frank Devlin.  He also appears on this site in an October 20, 2019 post.  The notes on the bottom corner and at the top of the picture were made by my father Jack Devlin.  I cannot make out the sign in the window of the store in the background, but the store window has a banner at the top that might read “Marvel Ice cream”.

He would also like to know if this was a Memorial Day or 4th of July parade and what the route was?

Editor's Note: I think the building is The Devigler Candy/News Shop located at Monmouth and Champion Road. The store was demolished sometime in the 60's early 70's