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Louisiana News Outlets Endorse Sports Wagering Proposition 


NEW ORLEANS - News outlets from across Louisiana are endorsing a sports wagering proposition on the ballot on November 3, 2020. The Advocate |, The Ouachita Citizen, and The Gambit have all thrown their support behind legalizing sports wagering. The effort, if approved, could boost taxable revenue in the state of Louisiana by more than $330 million, according to a recent analysis. It was passed by two-thirds of the legislature in both the Louisiana House of Representatives and the Louisiana Senate.

In making the endorsement, the editors of The Advocate | said, “there is no reason to have Louisiana gamblers take their business elsewhere.”

The full endorsement from The Advocate | can be viewed here

The Ouachita Citizen pointed out in their endorsement that "Louisiana could win back some of this business and tax base from Mississippi and other states that are capturing the market, as well as unsanctioned online betting platforms that are hosted overseas."

The Ouachita Citizen endorsement is available here

The Gambit endorsement said, "Many people already bet on sports; this vote would legalize it and allow the state and local governments to regulate and tax it."

The full Gambit endorsement is available here


Sports wagering, though extremely commonplace, is not currently permitted in Louisiana. Many Louisianians travel to Mississippi or Arkansas to participate, while others place wagers online overseas. This November, voters in the state will have the opportunity to legalize and tax sports wagering activities and operations in their parish.   

As a parish-by-parish proposition, only people in parishes that vote “yes” will be able to wager on sports like our neighbors in Arkansas and Mississippi. If your parish votes against it, you will not be allowed to play there.

Act 215 (formerly Senate Bill 130) authored by state Senator Cameron Henry (R-Metairie) garnered the two-thirds vote in both chambers of the legislature necessary to make it to the ballot.  The measure had support from both sides of the aisle and all corners of Louisiana. 


Louisiana Wins is a 501c4 organization created by Louisiana residents and avid sports fans to educate voters on the importance of legalizing and taxing sports wagering on November 3, 2020.  Learn more at and follow on social @laforwagering.