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Leaving Windows Live Mail for Outlook: Good or Bad Idea?


( 21, 2020)--Many WLM users are thinking about replacing it with MS Outlook. This idea seems to be rational because the client has already become outdated and unable to offer new features and useful updates. If you are among those clients who are tired of such limitations, you have the only option – to arrange the migration.

Unless you have a lot of free time, we suggest you use the relevant software to complete Outlook Live Mail migration.  Alternatively, you will cope with gigabytes of important data and the format clash due to the competing file extensions of two mailing clients. Finally, no one will guarantee that your files will survive such a transfer.


Manual Migration

If you decide to arrange your migration yourself, and all the risks of data loss do not scare you, use the following guide to complete the migration. First of all, we strongly recommend you to back up all the data you want to use further before starting the migration process. Then, take the following steps:

  1. Activate the WLM and Outlook on your gadget;
  2. Go to “File”- “Export” in your WLM account;
  3. Continue with “Open” – “Email messages” – “Microsoft Exchange” – “Next”;
  4. Be sure to get a notification “All emails will be exported to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange”;
  5. Press “Ok” to proceed;
  6. Select the place to save the data and press “Ok”.
  7. Finish the session.

As you may suggest, such an approach will only work if you have both mailing clients on your PC. However, it still doesn’t work in 100% of cases. Therefore, we encourage you to use reliable software products to conduct the transfer. Read some arguments in favor.


Pros of Using Professional Software for WLM-Outlook Migration

Why the majority of people use professional software for WLM to Outlook transfer? We have at least five arguments in favor:

  1. Reliability of data transfer – The encoding procedure is performed automatically, so you can be sure to get the expected result in 100% of cases.
  2. Convenience – The software is simple in use and very intuitive, so even a beginner PC user can cope with it. The only thing you need to do is to activate the program and follow the simple steps to transfer your data.
  3. No extra efforts – The emails will be transferred directly to your new mailing client, so you will not need to deal with separate PST files.
  4. Any data volume – There are no strict limitations to the volume of transferred correspondence.
  5. Any Outlook version – There are no limits in terms of Outlook versions to complete the task.

Finally, if you are planning a big migration of your email data that you would like to save, we recommend using reliable transfer tools. Such an approach will make leaving Windows Live Mail a good idea. Good luck!