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OFFICER DOWN: K9 Ronja Shot and Killed by Suspect



Tacoma Police Department, Washington

End of Watch Thursday, August 13, 2020

K9 Ronja was shot and killed while tracking a murder suspect in the 3600 block of South M Street at about 1:30 am.

Another officer had spotted the man in a vehicle and recognized him as being wanted in connection to a murder that had occurred the previous night. The subject led officers on a vehicle pursuit until crashing and bailing out on foot. K9 Ronja and her handler arrived at the scene and began a track for the subject. The man opened fire on officers when he was located in the 3600 block of M Street and struck K9 Ronja.

One of the officers on scene returned fire and wounded the subject, who was taken into custody.

K9 Ronja was taken to a veterinary hospital where she died later in the morning.

K9 Ronja had served with the Tacoma Police Department for only eight months.


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published | October 23,  2020