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How to replace and install new kitchen sink – Complete guide


( 8, 2020)--Kitchen sinks are your forever helpers to keep your kitchen clean by sparkling bowls and platters. They add a visual character to Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 12.48.20the kitchen with a bright faucet and shiny sink on a smooth countertop. You must not compromise over sink appearance and functionality to undermine kitchen outlooks.

These days, it is not difficult to replace or install a new kitchen sink with faucet because of easy fittings that make it a game of screw or glue. If your sink is also playing with you either by leaking its bowl or the faucet, don’t let it play. Make a big shot by replacing it with a new sink by following these detailed instructions. 

Let’s get started!

Old sink removal – In Just 3 steps 

Before installing a new kitchen sink you just have to work on these 3 three steps to have an old sink in your hands. 

Turn the water connections off: To detach the sink, all of the water connections must be cut to prevent any wastage and work hindrance. So, turn off the valves, shut off, to disconnect both hot and cold-water supply lines. Also, detach the water supply lines with an adjustable wrench that is connected to the faucet and release water pressure by turning the faucet on.

Loosen the under-sink assembly: If you have attached garbage disposal, separate it carefully, if not, loosen the mounting assembly underside of the sink with the help of a screwdriver. You also have to remove the dishwasher drain line. 

Uplift the sink: When all of the connections are disconnected, cut the caulk with a knife and push the sink from the underside. If you are having a helping hand, ask him to carefully lift the unit clear the plumber’s putty from the countertop. 

When you are done with this all, you have half completed the task. Next, you have to install a new kitchen sink. Let’s see how you can install it.

Installation of the new sink - Detailed instructions 

Before standing on the countertop to fit the unit, make sure that you have purchased a new sink by taking all the dimensions of the old one. Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 12.48.43

  • To verify the size of the sink, adjust it on the place of the removed sink and observe either it is fit or unfortunately, you have taken a big sized sink. If it is larger than the countertop hole, you need to cut the surface with a tile cutter and make it fixable. 
  • When you find it fit, remove it and set aside on a clean surface to attach the clips to the sink bowl. 
  • Attach the faucet to the unit and make other additional attachments. 
  • Now, apply a string of plumber’s putty around the sink drain and press it firmly to ooze excessively. Take a rag or old towel and remove this extra substance. 
  • Attach the rubber gasket and flange to mount the assembly and seal with putty. This assembly must the properly mounted as if you mishandle this setup, it may result in a leaking sink. So, be observant when making these attachments. 
  • If you have a garbage disposal, screw its brackets from the bottom of the sink. 
  • Till this step, you have ready the unit to install on the sink opening. Make sure that there is no sealant on the countertop. If, you haven’t removed, take a putty knife and rub the surface to make it sealant free. 
  • Now you have to apply sealant on the sink edges and fix on the countertop. 
  • Ask your buddy to observe the fitting from different dimensions and ensure that it is aligned. 
  • More than half of your task is done. Now you have to tighten the assembly and give water connection. So, first, go for screwing the nuts and tighten the clips that you attached before placing them on the top. 
  • Next, attach the water supply lines and give connections to the faucet and other pipes. If you have separate hot and cold lines, connect them carefully at their respective spots. 
  • Reinstall the dishwasher connection.
  • When all of these connections are done, drain pipe connections are the last. To do this, connect the discharge pipe of the sink to P-trap by making sure that old pipes fit with the new sink drainpipes. If they are long to fit, cut the pipe, and adjust according to the new pipe fitting. You can also attach a new one if it is smaller and is unable to fit. 
  • Done? Congratulations! We are done with the replacement and installation of the kitchen sink.