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CNBNews Fishing Maryland: Don't Forget the Bluegill  

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The bluegill is one of the most popular fish species in the United States. It is widely distributed and commonly stocked as forage for largemouth bass but it is a respectable sport fish itself. In fact, it may very well have been the first freshwater fish you caught! Although they may be overlooked this time of year, fall bluegill fly fishing is fun and relatively easy.

Bluegill are often confused with other species of sunfish. Depending on spawning activity, these fish are often pale, silvery green, or even purplish. And despite their name, bluegill don’t display their color on their gills or gill covering, like the green sunfish. If anything, a light blue appears along the lower jaw region, so a more appropriate name would be the “bluejaw.”

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Fall Trout Stocking 

Did you know we stock trout in the fall? That's right!  Our hatchery crews are out and about across the state this month stocking thousands of brown, golden, and rainbow trout. These trout are raised in our hatcheries and grown throughout the summer specifically for a fall release.

How do anglers can get in on the exciting fall trout fishing season? You can sign up for daily stocking information or explore our interactive stocking map to see what has been stocked near you. You can also check for updates daily on our website and once a week on a recorded phone message at 1-800-688-3467.


Take Your Classroom Outside!  

Spending time in nature provides not only physical health benefits but mental ones too. Take the opportunity to get to know the natural surroundings near you. What creatures can you find? Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty as you explore the natural world. As the weather cools, aquatic animals are burrowing into mud or under leaves.

You may be surprised about how many different creatures you will find when you take a close look at the natural world around you. To learn more about the animals and plants of the Chesapeake Bay, check out our Chesapeake and Coastal Bay Life Guide.


Alexa, Open the Maryland Fishing Report!

Congrats to 10-year-old angler Bergen Kline. He is the youngest participant to receive the FishMaryland Certificate. His catches include:

10-inch Rock Bass
10-inch Bullhead Catfish 
14-inch Yellow Perch

Learn more about how you can participate in Fish Maryland and put your angling skills to the test. 


Commemorate a Milestone

My First Fish recognizes an angler's achievement of getting their first catch. Fill out the certificate and print it on a color printer. You can also attach a photo to the top right corner.

Any fish caught in state waters is eligible. Fish that do not comply with Maryland law or regulations must be immediately returned to the water.

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Brag a Little...

Share your fishing memories on the Youth Angler’s Log, a
site dedicated to capturing the experiences of Maryland's youth anglers.


Submit your catch and tell your own fish story with a written description and a photo. Smile!