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Business Survival: How to Adapt to New Technologies


( 26, 2020)--Businesses of every size must update their technologies to compete with their rivals and drive productivity. While many large companies might have an extensive IT department and a big budget to quickly introduce new technologies and processes, smaller enterprises may need a little more assistance.

If you want to compete against bigger, more established rivals, you must introduce technologies that will streamline your operations and boost your revenue. To ensure your company’s survival in a competitive market, read these top tips on how to adapt to new technologies.

Consult a Tech Expert – or Become One

There is no point in investing in a cloud computing platform if you don’t know how to use it. Before you introduce a system, you must improve your understanding of the subject or hire a professional who has a firm understanding of it. By doing so, you will understand the benefits it can bring to your business, which could help you to create a vision for the future. 

Get started by hiring a tech expert for advice and support, or you could improve your knowledge by embarking on training. For example, you can choose from various courses to earn a Microsoft Azure certification and master the cloud computing service that builds, deploys, and manages applications. 

Also, if many employees will use technology, it might be wise to invest in training to help them to get to grips with the solution as soon as possible.

Consider Your Team’s Needs

Talk to each department to identify the obstacles they are facing each day, which could be slowing them down and hurting your revenue. Once you understand their daily challenges, you can then find a tool or software to improve their productivity.

For example, if your social media team must manually publish posts each day, it could prevent them from focusing on developing more powerful campaigns. You could, however, improve their efficiency by investing in a social automation tool, which will allow them to schedule posts in advance, and it could provide a greater insight into a campaign’s performance.

Ask for Ideas

Most small businesses don’t have access to many industry experts who will have a rock-solid understanding of technology tools, trends, and tactics. For this reason, you must ask your employees to feel free to share ideas on tools that could improve your company’s performance, workflow, or communication.

In addition to asking them to present new software ideas, they also could discover new ways to efficiently use their existing tools. It will not only help you to find the best tech options and tactics for your company’s needs and budget, but it will make your team feel both valued and appreciated. 

Request Employee Feedback on a Technology

There is no point paying for a tool that is slowing down your company or your employees are failing to use. To ensure you aren’t pouring money down the drain, request feedback on a solution by sending internal surveys or by organizing staff meetings. Remember, some members of your team might have difficulty expressing their opinions in front of others, which is why a one-to-one meeting could make them feel comfortable when providing feedback on a tool or process.


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