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A Halloween Adventure: Part I of IV


By Dawn O Watson

CNBNews Contributor

Each Monday for four consecutive weeks the continuing saga of A Halloween Adventure will be posted for our readers’ enjoyment.

(Gloucester City, NJ)(CNBNews)(Oct. 5, 2020)--The children dressed excitedly—finally, Halloween eve had arrived! And this year they were old enough to go trick-or-treating on their own, without a parent following behind them, nagging about safety.

Ten-year-old Erin and her younger twin brothers Jason and Jeffrey were dressed and out the door by five PM, meeting many of their school friends as they traversed the area near their homes.

“Let’s go further,” Jeffrey said. “If we go by ourselves, we’ll get more treats!”

“I think we should stay together,” Erin told him. “It’s safer.”

But the boys began to run toward the less-crowded side of town and their sister felt obligated to follow. Rowhouses gave way to single homes as the threesome knocked on one door after another, receiving larger, more upscale treats for their bags. Th2

“See, I told you we’d do better over here,” Jeffrey said to his brother. “Hey Erin! Look what I got!”

When Erin did not respond the boys called out to her, retracing their steps up and down the block, finally knocking on doors to ask if anyone knew where she’d gone. But no one had seen a girl dressed like an elf, wearing a green dress, a pointed hat, and striped stockings.

It was dark. The street lights came on as the boys walked home. When their parents discovered their daughter was missing, they drove all through the town, searching for her before reporting her missing at the police station.

It was almost midnight when the twins went to bed. Even the heavy bags of candy they had collected couldn’t erase the feeling of guilt they shared.

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