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A Halloween Adventure: Part III of IV

Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor

Part III

The door slammed behind the boys and they hugged one another, terrified as their eyes adjusted to the darkened room.

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“Would you like some cookies?” the old woman asked. “I just made them.”

“No thank you,” Jeffrey said. “We just want our sister.”

“Let me see,” she said thoughtfully. “I know she’s here somewhere.”

“Is that her on the couch?” Jason asked. He walked over to a covered form on the ragged old sofa and reached for it. But the woman stepped in front of him, blocking his movement. 

A metallic flash glinted in the darkened room as Jeffrey pulled his knife from his jacket pocket. “Move away,” he cautioned. “We’re leaving with Erin and you can’t stop us!”

“That’s not a very sharp knife!” she chuckled. “But you seem determined to leave so I’ll let you take your sister and go home.” Th2

The boys lifted the bundle of blankets from the sofa and carried it through the opened door, down the steps and out to the sidewalk. When they were a block away from the scary house, they set the mummy-like form down carefully.

“We’d better unwrap her, see that she’s all right,” Jeffrey said. Eagerly they unwound the tight-fitting blankets, anxious to see Erin. 

The sky was turning gray as the wind blew the fallen leaves in a frenzied dance. The boys stared at the object on the ground, sadness replacing the anticipation they had felt a moment before. 

“Let’s go,” Jason said finally. “We need to tell Mom and Dad.”

As they began their journey home, they left the bundle of rags and blankets on the sidewalk, realizing they’d been tricked into believing their sister lay sleeping inside it.

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