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A Halloween Adventure: Part II of IV

Dawn O Watson/CNBNews Contributor


“Jeffrey! Wake up!” Jason whispered to his brother. Th

“What time is it? Why are you dressed?” Jeffrey asked sleepily.

“It’s midnight. I couldn’t sleep. Put your clothes on. You’re going with me to find Erin!”

After Jeffrey scrambled into his clothes, he was handed a flashlight and a butter knife.

“The flashlight is good but why do I need a butter knife?” he asked.

“We might need to fight with someone,” Jason told him. “And mom would murder us if we took one of the steak knives!”

Jeffrey nodded. When they reached the back door, Jason opened it carefully so it wouldn’t squeak. It was dark outside, blacker than their neighbor’s black cat. The boys shivered—they had never been out at this hour, not without their parents.

The boys covered the blocks in which they’d collected candy, shining their flashlights on porches, in back yards, softly calling their sister’s name. When they got to the big house that stood alone at the corner, they heard the door open with a creaking sound. An old woman peered at them from the doorway and smiled. “Are you looking for a girl named Erin?” she asked.

“Yes,” Jason told her. “Have you seen her?”

The woman nodded. “Why yes,” she said. “She’s here! She was tired and I asked her if she would like to come in and rest.”

“She wouldn’t have done that,” Jeffrey told his brother. “Mom always said not to go into strangers’ homes!”

“Come closer,” said the old woman. “And it’s impolite to whisper.”

“Let our sister go!” Jason insisted. “She needs to come home now!”

“Come inside and get her,” the woman said, and stepped away from the door onto the porch.Th2

Slowly the boys climbed the creaky wooden steps onto the porch, clinging to one another as they entered the dark, musty house.



to be continued Monday, October 19, 2020

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