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A Brief History of the Airsoft Guns


Do you remember the cap guns? These real looking guns used to come with space where you could fit the rolls of paper strip caps. As a kid, it was the dream for most of us to play fight with the help of these cap guns. If you think carefully, the Gearup Airsoft in Toronto guns are nothing but a more mature version of such guns. These Airsoft guns use the same principle of the innocent cap guns, with a bit of a mix of reality. 


Even though these guns bring joy to the lives of thousands of young men and women across different nations, most of us do not know anything about airsoft guns. To right that wrong, we have gathered a lot of information about the Airsoft guns. You should take a look at the following section of this article to find out how these guns were invented and how it evolved over the years. 




Who Created The Airsoft Guns?


Originated in Japan, the Airsoft guns were the brainchild of a person named Ichiro Nagata. Nagata thought about making a gun which can be used for modeling purposes. Nagata wanted to create a gun that either does not shoot any bullets or if it does, it does not kill anyone. 


This type of gun was trademarked as the soft air gun. These guns were customized to meet the requirements of the users while abiding by the rules of the gun control imposed in Japan. 


These guns were mostly used for target practice and sometimes used in a war game of Japan, named as a survival game. The guns became really popular in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines.  



Branching Out to The UK


The soft air guns were brought to the UK in the late 1980s. From there, it had not taken much time for the gun to spread across the world. The guns were sold in different pieces and the buyers had to assemble them to make the gun suitable for shooting the pellets. Later, different manufacturers started to change bits and parts of the soft air gun to make it more efficient. 


As the companies started manufacturing plastic BBs and made the guns capable of shooting them, they changed the brand structure of the soft air guns and rebranded them as the Airsoft guns.  


The Types of Airsoft Guns


Spring Powered


This Gearup Airsoft in Toronto guns are the single-shot devices. These guns are identical like the spring-piston airgun and have the same operation principle. The user has to recompress the spring manually before taking each shot. 


The process is generally completed by pulling the bolt handles, slides, or forend pumps of the guns back. This movement cocks the gun and makes it ready for the shot. Even though these Airsoft guns are not as powerful as the gas-powered guns, they are way more powerful than the electric Airsoft guns. 


Battery Powered Guns


Automatic Electric Guns


Just like the spring guns, the battery-powered Airsoft guns also use a spring-loaded piston. However, instead of recoiling the spring manually, these guns use a battery pack to complete the task. You can choose the fire option according to your convenience. 


The 3 round burst, automatic and semi-automatic operations can be done using this type of guns. This feature has earned this type of Airsoft gun the name of automatic electric guns or AEGs. 

The muzzle velocities of such guns often move from 150-650 ft/s while the rate of fire can be flexible from 100 to 1500 rounds per minute. These guns are one of the most popular and widely available types of airsoft guns that you can find in the market. 




Lowpoered Electric Guns


Some of the Gearup Airsoft in Toronto guns are known as the low powered airsoft guns from their more powerful and expensive counterpart. Even though the design and the structure of the guns are similar, these guns are regarded sub-par to their expensive version due to their low-velocity rate. 


As there are inexpensive spring action guns that can outperform the velocity of the low-velocity guns, it reduced the popularity of this gun significantly. 


Medium Electric Guns


Some companies have improved their AK-47 models so much that they can be easily considered as the mid-ranged AEGs. These guns are more affordable but are still very effective in the battle. The airsoft players often call this gun the middle-priced electric guns. Sometimes you can find the copies of the full-priced guns in the middle range popular guns. 


Electric BlowBacks


Also known as EBBs, these guns are considered as the high-end AEGs. Most of the guns that use this system are rifles. The EBBs create the blowback action of a real pistol, however, with a less kick. 


That’s a wrap! Now that you know the history of the airsoft guns and its popular types, it's time for you to choose the gun you would like to buy. Go to the Gearup Airsoft in Toronto store and pick the one that suits your playing style perfectly.