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Here Are 3 Ways To Get The House You Want



(NAPSI)—Over five million homes are sold in America every year, according to realtors. If you’d like one of them to be yours, there are a few facts you should know. 

In a perfect world, you’d fall in love with a new home, submit an offer, and have the seller accept it. The world, however, is rarely perfect. So how can you make your offer stand out when there’s competition for the home you want? Here are three hints that can help. 

1. Shorten the timeline: Sellers want to move on. Offering a quick close lets them get to their own new home sooner and alleviates worries about the transaction falling through. Removing contingencies is a strategy to fast-track the closing timeline. You can work with your agent to determine whether waiving contingencies is a good option in your situation.  

2. Make a cash offer: Nothing appeals to sellers like cash. When you offer cash instead of getting a mortgage, you eliminate the time for the mortgage to close. You also remove the risk of the mortgage loan not going through.  

Don’t have the cash? There are still options. Companies such as Flyhomes make the cash offer on your behalf, close with the seller, then sell the home to you at the same price after your mortgage is finalized. That firm also supplies you with a Client Advisor who is your coach from start to finish. You’re supported by specialists for touring, research and more. Plus they’ll help you deal with title and escrow. 

3. Find out why the seller is selling: A great real estate agent will tailor your offer to the seller’s goals. A seller who’s lived in a home for a long time is likely looking for a buyer who will cherish the home as much as they did. In that case, you might choose to write a letter to the seller to accompany your offer. On the other hand, the home may be owned by an investor, who will be most interested in selling to the buyer with the highest price and best terms.  

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