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What Makes A Headphone Audiophile Quality

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Headphones have become just as advanced as the smartphones and tablets they are  attached to. Whether you’re an avid music listener, a gamer or you’re just someone who loves a good pair of headphones with excellent sound quality you should check out the the budget audiophile headphone list at Audio Direct.

Just because you’re buying headphones doesn’t mean you have to invest in any old pair of headphones that will get the job done. After all, you can have a high-quality product that transforms your listening experience. What should you look for in good quality headphones? Better yet, what makes a pair of headphones audiophile approved?


Fit and Comfort Matters

A great pair of headphones isn’t just about all the technical stuff but comfort and fit are two factors that are just as important. Do the headphones fit comfortably around your head and ears? Or are they clamped tight around your head?  Steer clear of headphones that are constantly sliding off your ears. When your headphones are comfortable you are able to focus on listening to your favorite jams or immerse yourself in your game or movie. If the headphones you are wearing don’t fit well you won’t care about how they sound because you won’t be wearing them long enough to find out whether the sound quality is any good.


In-ear headphones should form a tight seal in your ear canal. If your earbud headphones don’t have this type of fit then you will be losing a large majority of your music. Low-frequency ranges just won’t sound the same. Also, the music won’t sound consistent if the earbuds don’t fit the same in each ear canal. That's why many people opt for an over ear headphones when searching for headphones with an audiophile sound profile.


Quality of the Drivers

A pair of headphones can cost you just a few bucks up to hundreds of dollars.  What makes high-end headphones different from the cheap ones are the guts within. The cheap headphones that you see in your local convenience store often don't undergo rigorous quality control. In fact, you can purchase several pairs of the same headphones and discover that the volume doesn't match on the left and right sides. If you pay close attention to the sound quality on each side you’ll discover that one side is usually louder than the other.

Most headphones are manufactured using standard dynamic drivers which are tiny speakers that are located within the ear cup or earbud. The quality of these dynamic drivers is what ultimately determines whether a pair of headphones should fall into the audiophile category or not. High-end audiophile headphones are designed with properly matched drivers that undergo strict quality control measures.


Typically, high-end headphones use tiny drivers that can be easily customized since they are commonly used in hearing aids. This allows manufacturers to use multiple tiny drivers within the headphones which transforms your listening experience and will make you feel as if you are at the front of the stage. 


What’s the Bottom Line?

It’s important to understand that shopping for audiophile headphones isn’t just about buying the most expensive headphones on the shelf. In fact, just because there is a hefty price tag attached doesn't necessarily mean that you are purchasing a quality product. Each brand has a different sound signature so it's best to invest in a part from a brand that you like. If you have no idea where to start you can begin by picking a high-end brand that normally would be out of your price range. Ultimately, you’ll want to choose the best audiophile headphones that sound great to your ears.