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September 13, 2020)--In the world of show business and high-profile celebrities, divorce seems to be even more prevalent than in the real world. One of the more famous celebrity breakups in the last few years was the parting of ways of singer-songwriter superstar Mariah Carey and her rapper-comedian husband, Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey and her rapper-comedian husband, Nick Cannon


Many people did a double-take when Carey married Cannon due to his comparatively obscure career in 2008. However, the pair did manage to stay married for eight years, which was enough time to have three children, before they split amicably in 2016 citing irreconcilable personal differences. While nobody likes to see the heartbreak of celebrity divorces, it can be argued that Nick Cannon’s net worth and career has had its ups and downs recently. Here is a list of things that have happened to the San Diego native since the split.


  1. Fired from America’s Got Talent

Following a bitter fallout with NBC, Cannon was unceremoniously ditched from his role as a judge on the popular TV show America’s Got Talent in 2017. NBC cited that Cannon was let go because he had been found to be in breach of contract due to having made disparaging comments about the broadcasting giant. 

Cannon was outraged and disappointed about losing his position at America’s Got Talent after having hosted the show for eight years. He asked NBC to reveal where and when he had made the alleged comments, insinuating that his firing may have been “just another way to silence and control an outspoken voice who often battles the establishment."

  1. Graduated University

In 2016, Cannon enrolled at Howard University. At the time, he expressed a desire to further his education, quoting Nelson Mandela’s views on the power of learning to change the world in a post on Twitter. 

In 2020, Cannon graduated, receiving a degree in Criminology/Administration of Justice with a minor in Africana Studies. He has expressed his intention to continue his studies, with a Master’s degree and a PhD firmly in his sights. 

  1. Fired by ViacomCBS

Nick Cannon was one of the longest-serving names on the ViacomCBS roster. During his career, he has presented a variety of TV shows for the broadcaster, including early work hosting stunts on Nickelodeon’s 2005 Kids’ Choice Awards and later as a host of the 2009 Nickelodeon HALO Awards. In 2013, Cannon played a big role in reviving the MTV comedy series Wild 'N Out, which turned out to be a massive success for the network, breaking several records for viewing figures. 

However, on July 14, 2020, Cannon was fired from Wild 'N Out when he refused to apologize antisemitic and race supremacism comments which he made on his podcast Cannon’s Class. ViacomCBS explained the decision was a result of Cannon having "promoted hateful speech and spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories". Cannon was bullish following the sacking and refused to come down from his position, claiming that there was "no hate in my heart nor malice intentions". However, he later apologized on Twitter to Jewish people who may have been offended by his uninformed and naïve comments, asking for forgiveness and understanding. 

  1. Upcoming Daytime Talk Show Premiere

Despite his recent fall from grace, Cannon still plans to make a comeback soon. His incredible Entertainment is working in collaboration with Lionsgate’s Debmar-Mercury for the production of a new comedic talk show which will be named “Nick Cannon”. The show will cover pop culture and feature interviews from celebrities. Premiering on September 21, the show will be broadcasted by a host of top media organizations, including FOX, CBS, Cox, CW Plus, Tegna, Meredith, Sinclair, Nexstar and Hearst.


Nick Cannon has a become pretty controversial name in the world of showbiz in the past few years. However, despite his high-profile fall from grace, he is currently working on a few interesting-looking projects as he aims to stage a comeback. Time will tell whether he is successful or not, but many of his fans are eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his career.


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