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WASHINGTON, DC … September 16, 2020 – Election day on November 3rd is quickly approaching and Americans across all 50 states are already trying to plan out how they can vote, who will babysit their kids, and how much time they can afford to take off. Their hope is to vote quickly and easily without spending hours in line.

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Up until now, there’s been no way for Americans to collectively share their polling place intel. Without knowing the best and worst times to line up, voters in some states have had to line up for hours and hours to simply cast a vote.
Now with the new Glimpse Social app, voters can simply drop a virtual pin at their assigned polling places to learn when the longest lineups are to avoid long wait times and COVID exposure. Glimpse Social is a  free Apple iPhone and Android app.
Glimpse works by offering voters a massively scalable app to share onsite intelligence through real-time video or photos and text within the app. American voters can place a pin on their assigned polling place location (or any polling place in the country that they want to view) then simply ask voters already onsite how busy it is, how many people are in line, are voters wearing PPE or any other relevant questions. Voters can also choose to simply ‘follow’ an already existing pin and be informed as soon as any questions from that location are answered. Anyone that is not physically within 250 yards of the polling place will not be able to comment or upload video. See a video of how Glimpse works here
“This is a completely non-partisan app, we are empowering Americans to make voting plans with the knowledge that they can greatly minimize the time they have to spend in line,” said Jonathan Baldock, Founder of Glimpse Social. “Up until now, some American voters would have to arrange babysitters, take time off work, and line up for hours. In this most important of elections, we’re giving them back the power to vote and spend the least amount of time in line possible.”
How many voting places can Glimpse Social cover?
All of them! Glimpse can scale to cover all 230,000* polling places across the country and allow real-time video and photo/text uploads from voters onsite.
Is Glimpse sharing this information with News Media?
Absolutely! We will give any accredited news organization or political blog etc. full access and permissions to repost any video or comments from the 230,000* polling places that Glimpse will be covering. In fact, we’re hoping that media outlets will use Glimpse to help tell the personal election day stories of millions of American voters.
How does this work?
Glimpse essentially crowdsources polling place info. We need news media to spread the word about Glimpse and have American voters download the Glimpse app in advance of election day to populate a user base that can answer questions and post video on election day.
To keep all postings fresh and as accurate as possible, video or text/image posts will only remain on the Glimpse app for one hour. They can also be shared by users over their own social media channels.
Can only see information from my own polling place?
No. Any user, anywhere in the world can place a pin at any polling place that they are interested in getting information on. This allows users to look up information for friends and relatives as well as see how election day is going across the country.
A positive only app
Glimpse was thoughtfully designed with no comment features on posts as we want to encourage a free exchange of information without post shaming etc.
How are you making money on this?
We aren’t. For the 2020 election, Glimpse Social is free to download and post with. In fact, we are donating any profits from in-app advertising to support COVID relief and a non-partisan justice initiative.
“We saw a way to make voting accessible, easy and safe for every American and want to make the 2020 election the highest voter turnout election in history,” added Baldock. “Removing the worries of waiting time, COVID exposure and safety leaves no excuse for every American not to vote.”

Download Glimpse Social images and assets here