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VIDEO: ANTIFA/BLM share the Same Goals, Seek to Dismantle America

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Antifa and Black Lives Matter crowds attack elderly lady, spitting on her and spraying her with paint (CNBNews screenshot)

SKY NEWS--Antifa and Black Lives Matter crowds “share the same goals and the same sympathies” and ultimately seek to dismantle American capitalism, American democracy, and the police force say Sky News host Rowan Dean.

Sky News host Rita Panahi said Antifa and BLM protesters have urged supporters to not post footage of riots to social media because police are using the clips to track down the perpetrators.

She also highlighted an incident where a group of protesters mocked an elderly lady during a rally. Speaking of the upcoming US election in November, Mr Dean said “Donald Trump can only do well out of the anarchy on the streets and the violence against ordinary citizens”. “This will propel the quiet Americans … to vote for Trump even if they don’t particularly like him because they will see that the Left offers anarchy, bloodshed, violence, intimidation and they won’t buy it”




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