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Top Digital Marketing Trends Businesses Need to Acknowledge to Get Ahead of the Competition 

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(September 19, 2020)--Because of its many advantages, digital marketing is the focus of all marketers wanting to connect better with their target audiences. In a world that is increasingly becoming internet-connected, digital marketing allows marketers, regardless of their industry, to enhance their marketing reach, boost brand awareness and engagement, and drive conversions far more effectively than conventional marketing methods. Since the digital marketing environment is extremely dynamic, marketers need to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital marketing trends to be able to generate the maximum bang for their buck. Some of the latest digital marketing trends that you need to know to shape your marketing campaigns:

The Importance of Facebook May Be on the Wane

Considering the virtual stranglehold that Facebook has had on the digital marketing landscape for years, it can seem unbelievable but according to experts, Facebook’s influence on customers, especially the younger generation, is on the wane. While it is still at the top of the table with the maximum number of users, Facebook is no longer the social media platform of preference for the young smartphone-wielding generation that prefers their digital interaction to be more visual and interactive. Marketers also need to be aware of the impact of the various controversies Facebook seems to have stirred up in recent times that have affected its credibility negatively. Issues like political propaganda, fake news, as well as accusations of cyber bullying have made many users resentful of Facebook. While there is no denying that Facebook is still a force to contend with, marketers need to take a hard look at whether it can be a platform of choice for engaging the younger audience?

Instagram Is Heating the Digital Marketing Space with Its Searing Pace of Growth 

With a user base that’s crossed one billion monthly active users, Instagram has become the darling of the smartphone generation that prefers to multitask on the go. The reason for its popularity has been attributed to its radical departure from the convention with a visual orientation. Instagram has also benefited from the perception that Facebook is for the oldies. However, marketers will also need to acknowledge that Instagram has come under repeated fire for trying to encourage users to depict a picture-perfect life that is far removed from reality causing most people to come under intense psychological pressure to measure up to impossibly high standards of perfection. Instagram has also embarked on a move to remove the “Like” feature in many countries where it operates from, which could impact people looking for vanity metrics. This is a move that marketers all over the world are watching with keen interest, according to a leading digital marketing agency Auckland.

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Customer Service Will Be Led by Chatbots

The need to respond promptly to customer queries and concerns can make manning a 24-hour helpdesk a very expensive proposition, especially for large businesses. Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots can very effectively help users to address their issues and complete their objectives. These chatbots are capable of learning the nuances of customer service issues through repeated interaction with customers and can interact with people very much like humans. As of now, chatbots operate through text chat but with rapidly evolving technology, the day is not too far off when customers could be conversing with robots verbally. With chatbots, businesses can deliver customer service round-the-clock on a real-time basis without the need to put in place a team that has to be trained, paid, and allowed breaks and vacations. Not surprisingly, experts predict that around 80% of all organizations will employ chatbots, according to

Videos Are Increasingly Becoming Popular with Users

With increasing internet bandwidth and the proliferation of smartphones, users are increasingly turning to watch videos not only for entertainment but also for product information and discovering ways of doing various things right from fixing a plumbing leak to perfecting a yoga posture. Since watching videos is far more painless for users than reading text and better than photos in communicating a point, they have become all the rage. YouTube today with more than two billion users is the largest social media platform after Facebook. According to industry research, a whopping 70% of consumers have some time or the other shared a brand video while 52% claim that videos give them more confidence to make online purchases. With videos being highly engaging, 72% of businesses believe that their conversion rates have received a boost due to video content. Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have taken live streaming videos to another level, helping digital marketers to grab more interest from their target audience.


In the world of digital marketing, things evolve very fast and marketers need to go all out to keep pace with not only changing technology but also to cater to evolving customer preferences and market trends. Marketers will do well to appreciate that the younger generation of tech-savvy consumers want brands and businesses to connect with them in fresh and stimulating ways to make their experience simpler and more agreeable.