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Top Alternatives to a Night Out at College


(September  28, 2020)--The stereotypical college social life might be focused on clubbing and nights out. However, not every teenager enjoys partying until dawn every day. If you are worried about the college experience or are simply looking to have a break from non-stop dancing, here is a list of some of the top alternatives to drinking at college. 

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Digital Casinos and Betting

If you are not keen on heading out on the town every night, and yet still want to enjoy a similar experience, you should consider the benefits of digital casinos. While giving you the same opportunity to gamble as brick-and-mortar casinos, online gambling allows you to do so from your own dorm room. This can enable you to concentrate on winning big, rather than being distracted by flashing lights and alcohol. To find out about the latest casino bonuses, Free Extra Chips can help you to find exclusive deals at the best casinos for students. 

Join a Society

One of the major elements of the college experience is the wealth of societies that are on offer to students, and your fresher’s year is the best time to take advantage of these. Although many of these host club nights every week, they also offer a range of other social activities on top of their core activity, such as dining out. From book clubs to soccer societies, there is a college society to suit everyone. 

Go Sightseeing

Now that you are in a new town, this is the perfect opportunity to see some of the top sights in the country while they are on your doorstep. Instead of spending your free time stuck on a crowded dancefloor, you should arrange to visit some of the cultural and historical landmarks that are now local to you. Many of these also offer student discounts on your entrance fee. 

Going to Campus Events

When you were choosing which college, you wanted to go to, the array of events on offer throughout the year might have swayed your decision. Most colleges offer a selection of seasonal events for their students, from outdoor parties to celebrate the end of term, dinners and live music events, and even petting zoos and cinema evenings to help you to meet new people and get involved in the college community. 

Spend Time with House or Roommates

College is one of the only times in your life that you will get to live with your best friends, and so you should make the most of it by arranging to spend time with your house or roommates. Some of the best options include hosting a board games night or even cooking a meal together, splitting the cost of ingredients between you.

Hold a House Party

If you love socializing but are not keen on the club atmosphere, house parties are extremely popular as you go through your college life, providing you with a casual atmosphere to relax and spend time with your friends in. Hosting your own house party is simple. All that you need to do is to arrange a date, move your fragile possessions or furniture out of the main room to create a dance floor, and invite anyone you want. This does not have to be costly, and most hosts ask their guests to bring their own alcohol with them.