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The Top 5 Largest Sports Organizations in the USA

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(Gloucestercitynews.net)(Sept. 2, 2020)--Sports are one of the largest and most various pastimes in the world. You can find sports in every country, played by all kinds of people. No matter what ethnicity or gender they are, no matter what position they have in society. Everyone loves sports. Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a standard clerk at an office, or even a villager in a third-world tribe. You’re bound to find sports being played everywhere, in some form or another. 


Sports not only are a worldwide hobby to play, they have also become one of the world’s leading entertainment genres. We have seen sports in all kinds of means of entertainment, either by simply going to stadiums to watch matches live, or on live television, on video games, and we’ve all seen the occasional sports-related blockbuster movies that pop up in Hollywood a couple of times a year.


Sports also dipped their hand in the gambling sector. We can find countless opportunities to bet on sports in all the local bars and casinos. We can even bet on sports online using online casinos, one can try out sports betting here on that site.



There was no doubt that Sports would grow massive in America. Since the USA is the leading source of worldwide entertainment, it was bound to create some big sports organizations and competitions, and these are the 5 biggest sports organizations in the USA;


Major League Soccer (MLS)

This is America’s take on a world-renowned soccer league, or as called in Europe, football. Since soccer is the largest sport in the world by far, it was undoubted that the USA would make their own world-class soccer competition, so in 1995, the MLS was founded. At the moment the MLS accommodates a total of 26 teams, 23 of which are in the US, and three are based in Canada.


National Hockey League (NHL)

The NHL or better known as Ice hockey (not to be mistaken for field hockey), is America’s fourth-biggest sport, mostly played in North America and Canada. It’s a very thrilling sport to watch and it takes a lot of skill to play the sport due to the fact that it’s played on an ice rink. NHL currently comprises a total of 31 teams, 7 of which are Canadian, the rest American.


National Basketball Association (NBA) Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 13.33.11

Basketball is another world-widely played sport. It’s loved, played, and watched by students and workers around the whole world, however in America, it’s the third biggest sport of them all. The NBA is not only popular in the USA but also amongst other continents. A total of 30 teams play in the NBA.


Major League Baseball (MLB)

The second biggest sports organization in America is the MLB. Baseball is one of the most widely played sports amongst Americans. A total of 30 teams play in the MLB, half of which play in the American League, and the other half play in the National League.


National Football League (NFL)

The NFL is the biggest sports organization in all of America. It was founded in 1920, starting off with just over 10 teams. Now the NFL is 100 years old and consists of 32 teams, equally split between the American and National leagues.


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