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The Do’s and Don’ts of searching for love online


(CNBNewsnet)(September 1, 2020)--Why are so many singles choosing to join a dating platform these days? What better way could there be of interacting with Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 20.44.42
prospective partners than browsing through profiles on different dating platforms you can read about here, flirting with whoever catches your eye, then building a rapport, and all from the convenience of your web browser, from your own home? But just as online dating can make it easy to get into a relationship, if you do it incorrectly it will ruin your chances of achieving the same outcome. Here are some of the key do’s and don’ts of using dating websites.


Do ensure your messaging is bright and optimistic


What you have to bear in mind is that as soon as you sign up to a matching outlet, you will be entering an already crowded arena. This means your dating profile needs to stand out from the crowd. The best way of attracting the attention of other singles is to reinforce the impression of how exciting and worthwhile knowing you are. So use humor in your messages. And be prepared to give a lot of compliments to the individuals you are interested in.


Don’t get too personal straight away


Although it is crucial to be honest when you are interacting in the online environment, you don’t want to divulge candid information at the outset. Perhaps you’ve spent some time in rehab, or have just emerged from a toxic relationship. These are details you can certainly share once you’ve developed a sense of chemistry. But when you’re in the early days of establishing a rapport, you need to apply a little more discretion. Making contact on dating sites is all about keeping things informal and chatty. The bigger revelations can come later.


Do ensure you know exactly what you’re looking for


When you embark on a course to find a love interest, there are so many different websites to choose from. So which one do you opt for? This is where you have to consider the type of relationship you are aspiring to. Are you keen on meeting as many singles as you can, then indulge in a series of no-strings-attached encounters? Or are you seeking something much more meaningful and long-term? Spend some time navigating your way around websites before committing, just to make sure you’re not signing up to something inappropriate.

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Don’t be over-enthusiastic


Online dating is exciting. Coming across another single with a fabulous profile photo and a list of hobbies and interests chiming with your own passions can be addictive. But you don’t want to transmit your enthusiasm too directly into your messaging. Bombarding another single with text after text, enthusing about how much you want to get into a relationship with them will only raise alarm bells. Think about the times you used to seek partners in the real world? How would you have felt confronted by someone behaving in such a manic way inside a bar or club? You’d have run a mile!


Do make your profile as compelling as possible


It’s important not to stretch the truth in your description – many site users do just that in a vain attempt to appear more interesting than they are. You’ll get a much better response if you highlight your genuine achievements. That way, there’s no chance of embarrassment or confusion when you eventually meet.


Don’t talk about your ex


Never moan about previous relationship failures. This will only sow the seed of doubts in the person you are seeking to impress. If you seem to have a bad track record, why is there any reason why this isn’t likely to persist?


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