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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Dems Trying to Claim Ownership of the Supreme Court

The Democratic Party is trying to claim ownership of the Supreme Court and prevent President Trump from appointing a true conservative to the bench. Letters to the ed 1

This is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. The Democratic Party always believes they are owed something. 

This is not how the Supreme Court works. The Supreme Court doesn’t owe anyone anything. The Supreme Court is there to lawfully, and faithfully, uphold our Constitution.

That is the beauty of the Supreme Court, it doesn’t belong to a political party. 
I like to say nothing from the left surprises me anymore but this weekend hit a new low -- fundraising off of the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

The Democrats have raised $71 million since the death of Justice Ginsburg. The left thinks they can buy this Court seat. I have a message for the left: The Supreme Court belongs to the people, NOT a political party. 

It is well within President Donald Trump’s duty to nominate a new Supreme Court justice. This is where our democracy comes to life. It will then be up to the Senate on whether or not the nomination is approved. President Trump’s nomination will need 51 votes to pass through the Senate. 

We cannot leave anything for chance this Election Day. Our American principles are under fire and the Constitution must prevail. 
Our constitutional rights are at risk, will you pledge $51 for 51 votes in the Senate?

We need your help to ensure our democracy remains intact. 

We need your help to protect our constitutional rights.

We need your help to stop the Democratic Party from expecting to be owed whatever they want. 

Thank you for your support.


Vonne Andring
Executive Director 
Pennsylvania Republican Party